The Real Danger to America Is Not Trump but ‪Republicans Against Trump‬

Republicans who are willing to take Hillary for 4 years hoping to take America back in 2020 are dangerous idiots. After one term of Hillary continuing the Obama policies there will be no America to take back.

Take a look at what the Obama government has done to college campuses in only a few years: there is no longer a right to discuss challenging ideas. Hillary will only encourage more political correctness.

College is already one huge scam with the majority of those graduating unable to find jobs or getting jobs for which their degree was completely useless. Very few of our youth should go to college; yet Hillary will make sure that even more of our children will attend college. What we need is more of them attending technical schools, that is, more young people trained for real jobs - not more graduates with worthless degrees in Latin, Art History, and Philosophy.

Take a look at what the Obama government has done to health care: it is so bad that insurers are pulling out in record numbers and the only way to keep them in will be to increase subsidies. Hillary will raise taxes to pay for those subsidies thus keeping alive a rabid program that should be put down..

Take a look at what the Obama government has done to world peace. We are living in a more dangerous world while he encourages the US Central Command to alter intelligence reports on the war against ISIS in order to bolster his claim that he was doing a good job fighting Islamic terror - oops, I mean workplace violence done by certain unnamed groups of people. Hillary will only double-down on the same failed Obama Doctrine of don't-mention-Islam.

While most Muslim countries are smart enough not to accept Syrian refugees and many EU countries who experienced the horror of taking them in now want to expel them altogether, Hillary wants our country to take in tens of thousands of them.

I can mention at least 342 more stupid, inept, leftwing failed policies that are slowly turning America into one big Detroit-Baltimore-Ferguson-Democrat-ruled craphole that Hillary will continue and expand; but there's probably a limit to how much text I can fit into one post.

The Republican elite cannot control Donald Trump and Trump as President would be so good for America that no one else will be able to defeat him for eight years. Those Republicans would rather have Hillary as President because they know that Hillary would so ruin the country that even the most ignorant voters, those that will be voting for her this November, will vote for anyone else in 2020.

So while it is true that Hillary is a danger to our country - the greatest danger to America is not Trump but Republicans who fall for the ‘Republicans Against Trump’ campaign, which if you didn't know was launched by Hillary Clinton herself.

240 years ago Republicans Against Trump would have been hung for aiding those who want to destroy our country. Of course, Hillary would have been hung for her extreme carelessness which could have easily destroyed our country.

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