The Chicago Cubs Stole the World Series 2016 from the Yankees

2016 county election map
2016 County Election results
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One of the great unexpected victories of 2016 is the Cubs Winning the World Series After a 108-Year Drought.

One has to congratulate the team on an astonishing win. However, if you are a Yankees fan you can be a sore loser and point out that the real winner should be the New York Yankees because the Bronx Bombers raised more revenue than any other baseball team (1).

Of course such a denial of the result of a contest is not only sour grapes but ignorance of the purpose of the contest as we see with many Democrats who are now complaining that Hillary won the popular vote in this year's Presidential Election. OK, so what? The goal of the Presidential Election is winning the majority of the Electoral College and certainly nothing to do with getting the most overall votes from a handful of states.

The winner of the World Series is that team that wins 4 games in that contest. No one, except the team owner, cares who earns more revenue.

As for our recent Presidential Election? The voters in North Dakota and Wyoming don't care that there are more people in California and Texas than the number of votes cast for Donald Trump. If the President of our country were to be picked by popular vote then there would never have been a United States. What we call America would have been a motley spread of small banana republics as we have in South America.

As we can see in the map above, Trump won more counties than Hillary as well as electoral votes.

But let's entertain the notion that the winner of the Presidential race should get the majority of the popular vote. Hillary received less than 48% of the popular vote. If we had a popular vote contest we would need a rule if no candidate received 50.1%: Under such circumstances a “contingent election” would be held. The election of the President would go to the House of Representatives. Each state delegation casts one vote for one of the top three contenders to determine a winner. Under that system Hillary would lose again.

Trump won - get over it.



Here is a list, courtesy of Statista, of Teams of Major League Baseball ranked by revenue in 2015 (in million U.S. dollars):

New York Yankees516
Los Angeles Dodgers438
San Francisco Giants409
Boston Red Sox398
Chicago Cubs340
New York Mets313
Los Ageles Angels312
St. Louis Cardinals300
Washington Nationals293
Texas Rangers275
Kansas City Royals273
Seattle Mariners271
Houston Astros270
Detroit Tigers268
Atlanta Braves266
Philadelphia Phillies263
San Diego Padres244
Pittsburgh Pirates244
Toronto Blue Jays241
Minnesota Twins240
Chicago White Sox240
Baltimore Orioles239
Cincinnati Reds237
Milwaukee Brewers234
Colorado Rockies227
Arizona Diamondbacks223
Cleveland Indians220
Oakland Athletics208
Miami Marlins199
Tampa Bay Rays193

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