Democrats are Upset that Donald Trump Does Not Want to Start a War with Russia

putin Trump love affair
Photo Credit: USA Today

I remember that during the campaign Democrats were broadcasting their belief that Donald Trump was too dangerous, too scary, too irresponsible to be President, that he was so foolish a clown that he wouldn't even realize that his tweets could start a nuclear war. Even now, after he won the election, 94% of Liberals (according to a recent Pew Research Center survey) believe Trump will be ‘too impulsive’ making important decisions.

However, all along, during the campaign and even now, Democrats have been going ballistic over his cozying up to Putin and Trump's claim that 'the U.S. would "get along great" with Russia if he is elected.'

So let me get this straight: Trump will cause a nuclear war with Russia because he's too irresponsible and at the same time they're worried he might make peace with Russia because he's a Russian stooge? Which is it?

You can be sure that Democrats would prefer a war rather than peace with Russia. Why? Simple: Democratic chances at winning the Presidency in 2020 are nil if Trump shows he is a responsible and competent President. A successful Trump Presidency is the best thing for America and the worst thing for Democrats.

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