Reported to Me that Head of Buzzfeed News is a Pedophile Pig-Shagger

sex with pigs

I first have to say that the following conversation that was reported to me was compiled by a person who claimed he was a former Walmart night security guard (let us call him Waldo) and who transmitted allegations to a cousin of mine that he has seen a compromising photo of the head of Buzzfeed having oral sex with a young and non-consenting pig.

Let me also mention to my readers that this information about the head of Buzzfeed News may not be true. That is to say, the allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.

Here is what my cousin said Waldo told him: in early August of 2015, Waldo received an email which contained photographic evidence of the head of Buzzfeed News placing “a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a young, vulnerable pig.

I told my cousin that I heard a similar, unsubstantiated story about the then Prime Minister David Cameron almost two years ago.

My cousin also mentioned to me that he heard some story that the Russians have some compromising photos of President-elect Donald Trump and that they intend on black-mailing him once he is in office. I told my cousin that I doubted any news organization in America would ever publish such unsubstantiated crap. I mean really.

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