I Like to Participate So I am Not One Who Likes to Watch

Rams CheerLeaders
Rams CheerLeaders
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In response to my article I Was Born in Tashkent Uzbekistan, a reader asked in an email if I'm a sports nut. Let me answer: No - although growing up in Bayonne, New Jersey I played touch football almost every summer day throughout my youth. As a junior in high school (1963) I played halfback on the Bayonne High School football team. I was the lightest guy on the team, 131 pounds, while the rest of the team weighed in at over 180 pounds. I always like to mention that the 1963 season was the best that the Bayonne team had ever played in its history. I've never played since then nor have I ever attended a single pro-football game in my entire life.

I'd probably change my mind about watching football if the cheerleaders romped about for four quarters and the actual game instead were confined to the half-time only. My readers who have read my articles about Cheerleaders most likely already know my views about scantily-clad young women and sports.

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