Trump Evil? The Devil You Say!

There’s a thriving group on Facebook with 12,000 members who say Donald Trump is the son of the devil.

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A liberal friend of mine. let's call him Jose, called me late last night to discuss some business involving electronics. During the conversation I mentioned how business has been improving of late and Jose disagreed with me: "Trump's a f***en asshole clown," he said, "and the economy is not getting better, only the stock market is, you know, it only benefits rich people.."

Since Jose is a New Yorker I told him he has to stop reading the Daily News; I pointed out that I had read that more people than ever in our history will be hitting the roads for this holiday because of the growing economy and low gas prices (1).

Jose's response? "The Devil likes to deceive." To which I replied, "Well if you drive past a lot of gas stations you can see for yourself that indeed gas prices are low."

Because of my many business interests, I come in contact with a huge number of people and it seems to me that those that deny, minimize, or ignore his accomplishments do so because they only get their news from leftist websites or media where Trump is depicted as either a stupid clown or an evil demon.

What I wonder is why Liberals don't ask themselves how did a stupid clown end up owning an empire spread over more than 500 companies and worth billions of dollars or why would Lucifer want Americans to be safe by controlling who enters our country, or why would the Devil want Veterans to get faster and better health care at the VA or why would the Prince of Darkness want to destroy ISIS, one of the most evil of movements the world has ever seen?

How did a stupid clown defeat almost a dozen and a half competitors to become the nominee of his party? How did a stupid clown become President of the United States spending only a fraction of the amount of money than his Liberal rival? How did a stupid clown overcome the attacks against him by his own party, by the Democrats, the media, by the elites, by Hollywood and Wall Street? How, how, how?

Those who cannot understand how a supposed stupid clown could become President then switch over to the excuse that only the epitome of evil could have accomplished the deed.

If I were a religious person I would have to say I do believe Satan was involved in our last Presidential election. If Satan had kept himself out of the election then everyone eligible to vote would have voted for Donald Trump, since they would not have been blinded to the truth: that Donald Trump is the best thing to have ever happened to our country.



CNBC, 30 Jun 2017, Cheap oil, growing economy behind why travelers will be flooding the roads this July 4th weekend: AAA

If you are planning on traveling this Independence Day holiday you're going to have plenty of company.

That is because AAA projects a record breaking 44.2 million people will travel 50 miles or more between June 30 and July 4—a whopping 1.25 million more than last year and the most ever measured by AAA's projections. Another 3.2 million will use some other mode of transit this weekend, including trains, buses and cruise ships.

There are numerous reasons why travelers are opting to hit the road for the holiday, according to Robert Sinclair, media manager for AAA Northeast, converging to form the perfect storm of crowded roads.

Sinclair told CNBC's On The Money that "the economy is good, people have more money in their pockets, salaries are up, household net worth is up, disposable income is up, airfares are down, car rental rates are down, and AAA 2-Diamond hotels are also a bit lower," than a year ago.

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