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A few months ago I wrote I Am Returning to Blogging but it turned out to be a premature assertion. My back got worse and after physical therapy, an inversion table, two epidural steroid injections (all which failed), I went for a second MRI after two years of pain and daily opiods I decided on surgery. So a month ago, on Halloween to be precise, I underwent Laser Surgery on my L4-L5 lumbar vertebrae.

It has been 3 weeks now without so much as as an ibuprofen. I was instructed not to bend over or lift anything heavier than 10 pounds until I heal, a process that could take another few months.

I am also wrapping up a business project I have been working on for a year and hopefully now with more time, no opioids and practically no pain (other than from old age - I'm 72), I would like to return to one of my favorite projects in life, my blog. I should mention that the number of daily page views on my blog has taken a significant hit due to all my sparse blogging these past few years.

Consider this chart of my daily visitors and page views from 2012 during the week November 23 through November 29:

2012 blog stats

Now consider this chart of page views for the similar numbered week this year:

2017 blog stats

So that's an 80% drop in page hits. I'm going to have to work hard to rebuild my blog.

Click on either chart to get a more readable image.

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