13 Headlines that the Washington Post Will Print in the Future

In my 2015 article Obesity Levels Drop Just One Year After the War on Obesity, I let me readers know that I possessed a particular device in my home, a developer's copy of Apple's next future technology, code-named i3 (pronounced "eye-yai-yai") that allows anyone to view future history on its 5 inch screen.

So this morning I fired up my i3 and queried for the top 13 headlines that the Washington Post will publish in the future along with actual events that occurred on those days that were under-reported, or unreported, or mis-reported:

#Publish DateActual Event That DayWhat the Washington Post Published Instead
1Dec 23 2017 Trump Signs Tax Reform Bill - Eliminates IRS Trump Coldly Fires 93,000 Federal employees
2Jan 15 2018 United Airlines Plane Crashes Into Washington MonumentTwo More Trump Aides Called to Testify in Russia Collusion Probe
3Dec 29 2019 Tens of Thousands of Criminal Aliens Deported in 2019 Trump Tears Apart Hard Working Immigrant Families
4Feb 27 2020 Tsunami in Indonesia Kills 2 Million Russia Probe Ramping Up as 23rd Grand Jury Empaneled
5Nov 10 2020 Trump Re-elected to 2nd Term Millions of Hate-filled; Xenophobic; Immigrant-hating Islamophobes Turn Out for Election Day
6Nov 11 2020 Hillary Clinton convicted on 12 counts of foreign espionage; corruption; and colluding with Russians to rig 2016 election Trump seen scarfing down 2 whoppers, 3 large french fries, and gigantic vanilla ice cream float
7Jan 16 2021 Immigration Policy Finally Enforced Trump Anti-immigrant Hate Policy Leads to Higher Unemployment in Mexico
8Mar 7 2022 Previous Year's GDP Hits Highest Level in 100 Years REVEALED: Trump Son-in-Law Looked to Buying a Russian-owned Apartment Building in 2009
9Jul 3 2023 1,933-Mile Mexico-US Wall Completed Under-budget & Ahead of schedule Trump Wildly Lies About Border Wall - Calls it a 2,000 mile wall
10Jul 4 2023 Mexico Starts Monthly Payments for Wall as Part of New NAFTA-2 Treaty Melania Trump Seen Wearing Horribly Expensive Dress for Fourth of July Celebration at White House
11Aug 4 2023 Golden Gate Bridge Collapses into San Fran Bay Rosie O'Donnell Accuses Trump of Raping Her when she was a 3 year old child
12Dec 5 2023 Former FBI Director Comey Found Guilty of Corruption Donald Trump Jr. grilled by 3 remaining Democrats in Congress about his meeting with Russians 8 years earlier
13Jan 21 2024 Former President Obama Reveals He is Secretly a Muslim This is Last Issue of Washington Post

These headlines and actual news events can easily be published in the future by the failing New York Times as well.

This has been a Thursday 13 post [# 126] and is updated on some Thursdays.

### End of my article ###

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