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In response to my article Scott Peterson and the Case of the Woman Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs, reader no dhimmi left this comment:

"I understand there are cases like that. What about the instances where a dog saves the woman? Woman says dog saved her life during break-in

"Would you think there is a trade-off, especially when burglars are checking out homes and avoid those with dogs?

"Anyway, thanks for putting this info out for potential dog owners like me who are seeking to protect their loved ones."

My advice about dogs is the same advice I gave to my children regarding knives: Do not treat a knife as a toy, you do not play with a knife, a knife can scar you for life or kill you. To adults I say: do not let little children play with a knife. You can replace the word knife with the word dog and the meaning is exactly the same.

I do not suggest that one not have knives in one's home, only that if you have children then you have to be extremely careful that any knife not be too easily accessible to your children. And adults, unless they are experienced circus performers, should not try to juggle two or more knives at the same time.

If you need a dog to protect you in your home or while walking, then never take more than one dog with you. Two or more dogs can behave differently with humans than a single dog with humans. Also it is easier to fight off a single dog than a pack.

As well, most dog owners do not have the skill or experience to recognize Dominance Aggression in their family pet.

So that poor girl who got mauled to death in the woods might have been playing around with her dogs by rolling over on leaves, an act which in aggressive dogs can easily trigger an attack. So once the alpha dog started attacking her, the other would join in. Never be around two large dogs that you cannot easily fight off - no matter how much you think the dogs love you.

People who heed my advice about dogs will not find themselves dead or badly mauled.

A knife is an extremely useful tool, but only a maniac would let a child play with one. As for adults - they should never handle knives with anything but extreme caution.

A Dog however can be more dangerous than a knife. A knife will rarely attack you on its own.

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