But Sometimes You Need a Dog

KNIfE JUGGLINGA knife is an extremely useful tool, but only a maniac would let a child play with one. As for adults - they should never handle knives with anything but extreme caution. A Dog however can be more dangerous than a knife. A knife will rarely attack you on its own.
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Scott Peterson and the Case of the Woman Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs

Glen Allen woman mauled to death by her dogs while out for a walkBethany Lynn Stephens, a 22-year-old Glen Allen woman found dead in the woods off Manakin Road Thursday night, was mauled to death by her dogs, Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew said.
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So What if Obama Ate Dog Meat as a Child?

Obama eating dogThe President a few years ago admitted that, as a young boy in Indonesia, he once ate a dog for dinner. Only once?
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No Surprise: Georgia Woman Who Rescued Animals Killed In Dog Attack

Top 10 Animal Rescue SitesCommonsense dictates that one not keep those animals in one's home and to wear the same protective gear that professionals do when handling any strange animal. And yes, protective gloves even for that cute, cuddly little kitten.
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Is Texting While Driving Dangerous?

texting while drivingOnly an idiot would insist that texting while driving a car is safe or that dogs around children are safe. News reports say otherwise.
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Obama: Recipes From My Father - A Story of Canine Cuisine

Obama: Recipes From My Father - A Story of Canine CuisineThis type of spiteful article would be totally uncalled for, after all, Obama ate dog long ago,; but if they're going to attack Romney for his treatment of his dog long ago, then all is fair regarding dogs and Presidential contenders.
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Are Residential Swimming Pools Safe?

teaching toddlers to swimPools are many times safer than having a dog in the family if there are small children in the house.
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News Anchor on Live TV Gets Deserved Bite from Rescued Dog

Kyle DyerHad Kyle Dyer read my warning not to put her face close to any dog, she would have a prettier face today.
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My Dog Mauled Six Illegal Aliens Wearing Obama Tee Shirts

smoking dogPlease be advised---I am sick and tired of receiving questions about my dog who mauled six illegal aliens wearing Obama tee shirts ...
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Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs or Plain Stupid

vicious ChihuahuaThe tendency to be temperamental, a reputation for being suspicious of everyone but his owner, and a clannish dislike of any breed but his own makes the Chihuahua an unsuitable pet for households with small or boisterous children.
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