Ask the Vizier - Can I Fast and Still Pilot an Airplane?

Pilot fatigue is a huge problem in the airline industry - fasting while flying should never be considered. This is why you should never be on a flight with a Muslim pilot.
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Ask the Vizier - Is Sex Better with Sheep?

Muslim Love SheepIf a sheep is not handy, do not insert nearby objects, such as weapons or explosives, into your anus for sexual pleasure...
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Ask the Vizier - May a Muslim Join the Army?

Michael Coren: Islamic infiltration of world militariesA Muslim may not join the US army unless the purpose is infiltration.
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Ask the Vizier: Can Muslims Have Infidel Friends?

Times Square car bomber Faisal ShahzadSome of my readers will recognize the happy face of Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad. I have no doubt that a few infidels mistakenly assumed he was their friend.
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The Secret to Santa`s One Night Flight

santa's sleighThe Christians say that Santa delivers all the toys for all the children of the world in one night. When I mocked them for their silly beliefs, they retorted with: "Did not Mohammed also travel in one night from Earth to Heaven, a distance considerably longer than the farthest reachest of any place on Earth?"
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Ask the Vizier - Criticizing Others

the infidel - a comedy written by David BaddielRegarding the mocking of Crusaders and Jews: although these are People of the Book and we pretend we respect their religion, they are disbelievers still and are worthy of mockery as it is incumbent upon every Muslim to fulfill his duty of al-Walaa' wal-Baraa' (loving the believers and hating the disbelievers).
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Is Having Fun in Islam Forbidden?

nice rack - poolThere are billiard parlors in many Muslim countries such as Iran and Indonesia and in Muslim-infested areas such as the Philippines, so one may be led into thinking that having fun is not forbidden to Muslims.
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Ask the Vizier - Who Is the Prisoner?

Manal Saba'na, 22, who recruited her two best friends to become suicide bombersI have Question in regard to a web page I visited today, in the photo (seen here) the article informs me that Manal Saba'na, a 22 year old Palestinian woman, is in prison for recruiting women to become suicide bombers.

But there are two women in the photo and the article does not indicate which is which. Can you tell me which one is Manal Saba'na?
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Ask the Vizier - Is Love Blind

ugly muslim bride"Every time the couple met, the bride would do her best not to reveal her entire face," a source close to the case told the local Gulf News. "After the ambassador and the woman, who is a physician, signed the marriage contract, the groom was sitting with the bride.
"He claimed to the sharia court officials that when he wanted to kiss his wife-to-be, he discovered she was bearded and cross-eyed as well."
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