I Like to Participate So I am Not One Who Likes to Watch

Rams CheerLeadersNothing like saluting the great red, white and blue. However I don't watch football.
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13 More Differences Between Men and Women

nudity in magazinesI hope you didn't think there were only 13 Differences Between Men and Women because here are 13 more.
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Yemen beach volleyball team blames Sexy Cheerleaders for Defeat - Photos

Chinese cheerleaders at volley gamesThe scantily-clad girls did more than cheer, they performed martial arts and fan dancing. For one of the teams they also raised their body temperatures making it too hot for them to play well. At least that is what was claimed by Yemen beach volleyballer Adeeb Mahfoudh
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The Difference Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cheerleaders

cheerleaders for Maccabi Tel AvivLast year the rules changed for basketball teams in Israel's Basketball Super League (the top division of Israeli basketball). The league administrators mandated that all teams must host cheerleaders or face fines. Not a problem for team Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv.
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Russia is the New America

Russia's own Married with ChildrenBeginning in 1972, when Pepsi-Cola became the first foreign product sanctioned for sale in the U.S.S.R, the Russians have embraced American products and Americanisms.
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Indian man held for stealing frozen sperm

the dangers of masturbationAm I missing something? Whenever I need frozen sperm I simply put my own in the freezer; why steal the cow when you can milk yourself? I know, I mangled the original aphorism.
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Three Critical Highlights from Superbowl XLII

cheerleader wardrobe malfunction superbowl xlii I'm not that familiar with all the Patriots' cheerleaders but I'm guessing this is Meghan White signalling for a left turn during the pregame show:
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Giants and the Patriots - the PreBook

And me! At Boston's Hard Rock Cafe opening. They are all so tiny! Fans of the New York Giants point to quarterback Eli Manning and a record 10-game road winning streak to explain why they expect to be celebrating a Super Bowl victory over the undefeated New England Patriots.
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What is Football without the Cheerleaders

alabama crimsonettes cheerleadersA football enthusiast recently wrote me that you don't have to live in the South to know that FOOTBALL IS KING! But the game wouldn't be complete without the cheerleaders, and here are some of the finest:
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