Honor Killings are Islamic

stop honor killingAlthough the Qur'an does not directly use the words Honor Killing, there are passages which sanction the practice.
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Honor Killings In The US

Muslim honor killingThere is no shortage of Islamic laws that justify killing a woman for marrying a boy from the wrong community, or refusing an arranged marriage, or wearing non-Muslim-style clothing, or having a boyfriend, or even being raped.
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Man Cleared of Strangling Wife during Nightmare

Elona Strangled on Back Chair: Marina Pia’s Original photo-galleryThis is no joke: A British man who said he strangled his wife during a nightmare about fighting off an intruder has been found not guilty in her death
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Tea with a Stranger

arabic tea setJews thousands of years ago were as savage and barbaric as Muslims are today. It is true that honor killings are a cultural matter having nothing to do with Islam. There are honor killings going on today where none of the participants are in thrall to Islam. Muslims correctly assert that this Middle East tradition as been practiced since long before the arrival of Islam in AD 622 and it is disingenuous to blame Islam for honor killings.
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How Many Honor Killings are There in Islam?

No to honor killing!The UN estimates that 5,000 Muslim women are Honor-killed each year, so when we look at 1.5 billion (not 1.8) Muslims then one can mistakenly believe that Honor-killings are a rare phenomena indeed. However, it should be noted that since daughters and wives are the victims we should be looking at only half the Muslim population, the women. So now we're looking at 750 million women. But wait! How many of those women have dishonored her family by adopting Western ways, or refused to wear the hijab, or ran off with a non-Muslim boy? Certainly not 750 million.
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Beheadings, Honor Killings Over Muslim Divorce

Muslim Multiple MarriagesI will not go over the gruesome details of the beheading of Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37, who was found at the offices of Bridges TV in Orchard Park, N.Y., near Buffalo after filing for divorce from her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, 44, who has been charged with second-degree murder. Someone close to the case told me that there is another woman who may in fact be involved in the killing, so I caution my readers to wait until all the evidence is in before jumping to any conclusions.
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UK Honor Killings

Muslim wife among the trashWhenever I make fun of Muslim violence and Islamic bombings, some Muslim always responds with some excuse that they happen to live peaceful lives, that they don't blow up buses filled with schoolchildren, nor are they stoned or killed for not wearing the hijab. Usually these peaceful, liberated Muslims live in Western countries and think that because they haven't yet been killed for taking on western ways that Muslim life must truly be just as they are living it.
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Jewish Honor Killings

This child could grow up to be a terroristWhenever I post about some Muslim atrocity in the world there will inevitably be a comment or email asking me not to condemn an entire religion because of the actions of a few. I happen to agree with this absolutely. It is the height of bigotry to heap scorn on Islam simply because a few misguided extremists misinterpret the love and tolerance that is in the Qur'an.
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Honor Killings in Islam - When you have nothing else in your life

Fadime Sahindal, a Swedish-Kurdish girl, was murdered by her father in a so-called honor killingThe problem of "honor killings” is not a problem of morality or of ensuring that women maintain their own personal virtue; rather, it is a problem of domination, power and hatred of women who, in these instances, are viewed as nothing more than servants to the family, both physically and symbolically.
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