Ahmed Sees an Elevator for the First Time

Enter The MatrixFinally the walls opened up again revealing a gorgeous 24-year-old blond with sexy black boots, white skirt and a netted, see-through, powder blue top.
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Microchip Implant Allows Islamic Terrorists to Speak to Allah

copper implants for MuslimsAnd today I discovered that when a Muslim terrorist needs to speak with his God, some clever fellow invented a copper implant specifically designed for this.
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How To Make a Muslim

how to make a MuslimSo how can we make such an abomination? What complicated, esoteric, convoluted and bestial process would we have to undertake to create such an uncivilized, unthinking, uncaring, unfeeling and depraved turd of animal?
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How Infidel Men Can Converse with Muslim Women

3 Muslim women in full robesI was out for a walk when I came across 3 Muslim women in full robes. I thought to myself I should make an effort and try to talk to them to understand their culture
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Why Space Creatures Cannot Be Muslim

muslims from outer spaceSo if you ever see a film advertised as "Muslims from Outer Space," don't be afraid - it's just a movie, there are no such things as Muslims from Outer Space. What you should be afraid of: "Muslims from your neighborhood" - the non-movie.
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Free Funny and Offensive Muslim Jokes

I cut my hair and he didn't even noticemy readers do not have to pay anything to read offensive Muslim jokes. However someone will eventually pay because even though jokes Do Not Kill People - Muslims Offended by Jokes Do Kill People.
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Disgusting Muslim Jokes

muslim flying carpetI was walking down the road today and saw my Afghani neighbor, Ahmed, standing on his fifth floor apartment balcony shaking a carpet.
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Dirty Muslim Jokes

mohammed looking in mirrorDo not laugh at any of these jokes unless the urge to do so comes naturally. If you believe that mocking Islam, Muslims, the Prophet Mohammad, or the Quran is a blasphemy, then I suggest you find your humor elsewhere.
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A Muslim Walks Into A Bar

ugly muslim womanSo after a hard day's jihad, Ahmed arrives in paradise to meet one of his 72 virgins and is surprised by the sight of ...
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Sick Muslim Jokes

Gallop Poll Says Muslim Women As Likely As Men to Support Sharia LawI finally got my blog software to stop crapping out on me. To celebrate this event, allow me to present some sick jokes in my continuing series of Muslim Jokes.
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