America is a Melting Pot not a Salmagundi

salmagundi - A dish composed of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions with oil and condimentsAmerica became great not because of multiculturalism but because we did not tolerate other cultures. The people who came here were all required to melt into the pot, not remain a salmagundi salad of Irish, Chinese, Polish or whatever.
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The Netherlands Cannot Stand Muslims Anymore

Moroccans in The Netherlands don't want to assimilate; they want to dominate.Call me crazy but the Dutch government is actually following my advice.
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Is Malaysia a Tolerant Country?

Siti Fatimah was born a Muslim but married a HinduAnyone who reads newspapers knows that Malaysia is arguably the most intolerant country in the world.
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Carving Infidel Pumpkin Faces

christian pumpkin burningI do have a suggestion to help Muslims accept Halloween: carve an infidel face, douse it with gasoline and set it on fire as Muslims like to do to Christian devils.
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A Muslim Walks into a UK Welfare Office

Kensington homeAn UNEMPLOYED family of former asylum-seekers from Somalia are living in a $3.2 million luxury townhouse in one of Britain’s most exclusive addresses at a cost to taxpayers of $12,000 a month because they didn’t like the ‘poorer’ part of the city they were living in.
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Multiculturalism is a Big Failure

Multiculturalism - the real suicide bombBut begging Muslims to integrate, to assimilate, to learn the country's language, to become patriots of their adopted host countries is not working. What the civilized world needs to do is to insist that Muslims fully adopt the culture of the country they live in.
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The Failure of Multiculturalism in Canada

Multicultural Canada 2010 TorontoProfessor Kanwar is that rare Muslim who believes one should have loyalty to one's adopted country above loyalty to Islam. He also believes multiculturalism leads to divided loyalties, something I have been writing about for some time.
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French Have Had Enough of Muslims

Muslims pray in the street during Friday prayers near the Poissonniers street Mosque in Paris December 17, 2010.Sarkozy, in his television interview Thursday, even went so far as to say that "our Muslim compatriots must be able to practice their religion, as any citizen can," but he noted "we in France do not want people to pray in an ostentatious way in the street."
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Germans Have Had Enough of Muslims

ny subway multiculturalA NY City subway car filled with people of many cultures. However, my experience is that the young Chinese, Hindu, Koreans, Russians, and other children of immigrants in New York learn our language, become indistinguishable from native New Yorkers, have jobs and contribute to society. Groups who do not assimilate and learn to speak English are doomed to be criminals and dependent on welfare.
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Two thirds of Britons think UK has immigration problem

Islamic  immigrationMuslims will never integrate into western societies because they view them as decadent and inconsistent with Islamic values. Muslims will never assimilate into western cultures because they cannot adapt to a way of life that is completely alien to their own.
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