Muslim No-Go Zones in America

a typical day in an Amish schoolSee these Amish kids going to a terror training school? There are bombs in those lunchboxes. Kidding! This would only be true if they were Muslim children.
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No-Go Zones in Australia

shariah zones - infidels verbotenSadly most Americans do not realize that Islam is a supremacist political/military system and believe it to be a religion and so we continue to tolerate the unrestricted importation of Muslims, or to be accurate, Islamic soldiers, into our country. One day we will wake up to find our beloved land has been turned into one gigantic No-Go Zone where infidels tread only as dhimmis.
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Danish No-Go Zones

Odense district of VollsmoseNo-Go Zones are military enclaves filled with Muslims, many of them born and bred natives who refuse to assimilate or accept the culture of their own country
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No-Go Zones in the UK

protest march against Danish cartoon in London 3 Feb 2006A Muslim group in the United Kingdom has launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls "Londonistan" – into independent Islamic states.
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No-Go Zones in Spain

Spain urges Brussels to help with influx of migrants from AfricaSpain does not face an immigrant problem, most non-Muslim immigrants at least share the same Judeo-Christian cultural values - Muslims do not.
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During World War Three in France

occupied france mapFirst let me tell my young readers what happened to France during World War Two. 71 years ago, France was invaded by a foreign army. They walked into Paris on 14 June 1940 and occupied the city.
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Sensitive Urban Zones in France - Muslim Ghettos

Muslim ruled no go zones in FranceThere are areas in France which no longer belong to the French State. The French government calls them by the euphemism Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or in English: Sensitive Urban Zones, or in plain English: No-Go Zones, or in even plainer English: Muslim areas.
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Running From Islam - Europeans Leaving Europe

Number of Turks who have emigrated from the Netherlands And how many have moved back to TurkeyWhat are Europeans to do if they cannot criticize Muslims (because that's hate speech) when they see their culture and way of life slowly being destroyed? Take as example, the problem of a typical Dutchman who plainly sees that Muslim immigrants are not assimilating into Dutch culture, are draining the resources of his nation, and are destroying the Dutch identity but who cannot discuss these facts publicly for fear of being threatened with death by Muslims, banned from entering other countries, or prosecuted for making anti-Islamic statements.
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UK Bishop warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims

Bishop Nazir-Ali warns that attempts are being made to give Britain an increasingly Islamic characterRegular readers of mine will not be surprised, rather they already have been told by me that this is what we can expect of Muslim infestations in Western countries. I should point out that these areas in the UK are not populated mostly by extremists.
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