Why are So Many Muslims in Prison?

the mouse and the elephantOnly a mouse who believes it can harm an elephant has more hubris than the followers of Islam.
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Muslims In Dutch Prisons

The percentage of Muslims in prisons throughout Europe and the U.S. far exceeds their numbers in the general population of each country.The percentage of Muslims in prisons in the Netherlands, as well as throughout Europe and the U.S., far exceeds their numbers in the general population of each country.
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Muslims In Spanish Prisons

Muslim prisoners in SpainIn Spain where although Muslims are only 2.3% of the population they represent 70% of the prison population.
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Muslims in UK Prisons

graph The prison population in England and WalesMuslims are over-represented in UK prisons by a factor of 4.25.
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Crime Maps in the UK Unnecessary

crime map Aldgate, City of Londonthe next time you visit the UK, you don't need no stinking maps, just ask the driver where the Muslim areas are and stay away from those to avoid being a victim.
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The Muslims of Denmark and American Criminals

denmark for danesAl Jazeera reports that Denmark has a gang problem between bikers and so called "youths of immigrant origin," which if you are not a complete imbecile is a code phrase for "Muslim thugs."
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Fun Tattoos to Show Police

gun tattoo on stomachHere's a fun idea: if you are ever questioned by police about carrying any weapons, lift your shirt with this tattoo and quickly lunge for your navel. Then when they finish pummeling you with nightsticks, you can all have a good laugh at their misunderstanding. I find that cops always have a good sense of humor about these things.
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How to Pass the London Police Firearm Exam

Officers of the Ministry of Defence Police in the UK on foot patrol in the Whitehall area.After the Muslim terrorist attacks of 9/11, police agencies throughout the civilized world began to consider possible suicide attacks in their own countries and cities.
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Difference Between Jewish And Muslim Terrorists

A Hamas militant shows what he thinks of Fatah's leaders, in this case an image of Mohamad DahalanA Jewish settler has been charged in Israel with murdering two Palestinians and attacking left-wing Israeli, gay and messianic Jewish targets.
This is of course newsworthy because of its rarity: Jews are among the smallest number of violent criminals all over the world.
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How to Get Raped While on Holiday

Beach - Altinkum, TurkeySome women are so stupid they need instructions on how to get raped while on holiday. Quite simple, actually: meet strange men at the airport or at some night club and then let them drive you back to your hotel. In this manner the men find out where you are staying and can come back to rape you in the privacy of your own hotel, or they can instead drive you to some secluded spot and screw your brains out.
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