But Sometimes You Need a Dog

KNIfE JUGGLINGA knife is an extremely useful tool, but only a maniac would let a child play with one. As for adults - they should never handle knives with anything but extreme caution. A Dog however can be more dangerous than a knife. A knife will rarely attack you on its own.
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I Was Born in Tashkent Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan - My birthplace I would love to visit if it weren't filled with Muslims.Tashkent, Uzbekistan
My birthplace I would love to visit if it weren't filled with Muslims.
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Is the Truth Hateful?

truth is a rockAn infinite number of years more and there will not be a speck of dust left in the Universe - however the truth I write will endure beyond the end of time. That truth is that Islam is the greatest and most dangerous evil than has ever been visited upon our world.
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Hatred of Gays Not Main Reason for Orlando Massacre

gay mujahideenWhen a Muslim kills a gay, it is terror meant to change our entire way of life. When a white-supremacist or homophobe does it, it is a criminal act meant to do nothing but harm that one person.
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Why Jewish Law Two Thousand Years Ago Abolished the Death Penalty

execution tonightThe reason civilized nations abolished the death penalty was for the sake of the wrongfully convicted, not for the sake of the truly guilty.
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Under What Circumstances is the Death Penalty Applicable

guilty gucciSpeaking of being guilty, in the photo here we see Evan Rachel Wood who is indeed 100% guilty of being overly sexy and should be spanked by me as punishment.
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The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Closing the Hevajra empowerment mandala, HH Dagchen Rinpoche at Tharlam Monastery, Boudha, Kathmandu, NepalSometimes in dealing with enemies one has to make alliances with bad people.
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The Genius of Ashkenazi Jews

jewish impact on the Nobel PrizePerhaps hundreds of generations of being persecuted where the most clever, the most inventive of individuals are able to survive has made the genes of Ashkenazi Jews most advantageous for science and other intellectual pursuits.
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Here Is What I think of Your Opinion Ahmed

what to do with your opinionHere is what you can do with your worthless opinion.
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The Difference Between Mesoamerican and Abrahamic Religions

mesoamerican religionToday's Mesoamerican Religion has almost nothing to do with the Aztec religion.
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