Bernie Sanders and the Furniture Store that Flopped

greed is the problem - now give me 90% of your incomeIt's easy to see why very many young people love him. They're not frightened or daunted by his promise to tax everyone to death since they have no jobs anyway, so taxes are irrelevant as long as someone else pays.
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Stupid Businesses That Ask You to Form Two Lines

orange tie - orange tutuI was on a JCPenney line the other day when an employee came by and instructed us to form two lines. I informed her that that was not going to happen.
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Universal Cell Phone Chargers Never Coming

Too many chargersThank God that when I buy a lamp I don't need to also buy a special electric plug to make it work, nor do I need to install an outlet specifically for that lamp.
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Stupid Businessmen in the Alarm Business

Iris systemMy previous alarm company had to know that there are mucho beaucoup cheapo self-monitoring systems out there. Why would they be so stupid as to make someone like me think about alternative systems.
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When Will Employers Learn Not to Hire Muslims?

star TransportWhen a company hires a Muslim, a parasite is brought into the business which only benefits the Muslim at the expense of the employer.
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Bus Drivers Do Not carry Change Anymore

Geary Blvd and 33rd AvenueOn 31 Aug 1969, New York City buses began requiring riders to have exact change. Before that day, you could hand the driver a buck and get back 80 cents in change (the fare was a measly 20 cents then).
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Boise Centurylink Arena Beer Scam Reveals Fans` Stupidity

beer cup size scamFans have responded with outrage after a video was posted on YouTube showing that a $7 large beer cup contains virtually the same amount of beer as a $4 regular size beer.
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Raising Business Rents is Sometimes a Very Bad Idea

Owner Michael Turowski behind the counter on Paradise Cafe's last dayRaising rents unreasonably is always a gamble. I know of cases where stores have remained vacant for more than a decade costing the landlords hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Shades Of Solyndra - Obama Healthcare Coops Going Bankrupt

Obama healthcare coops going bankruptThat's right - most of the 24 health care co-ops that Obamacare lent money to so that they could compete against the big insurers have already run out of that money even before they begin offering health care
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McDonald`s Learns It`s Bad Business to Cater to Muslims

halal chicken mcdonald'sMcDonald's restaurants could have saved themselves more than $700,000 if they had only read my articles and followed my advice.
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