The Jews Invented Superman To Control the World

superman jewTo Muslims, this is precisely how Jews control the US, through their domination of the entertainment industry, even down to the creation of comic book characters.
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Who Controls The World: McDonald`s

map of McDonald's RestarantsSo today we will find out that it isn't the Jews who control the world, it's actually McDonald's.
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A Time When Jews Dominated Boxing

girl boxer Everlast70 years ago American boxing was dominated by Jewish pugilists, managers, trainers, and equipment suppliers.
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Hilarious Proof That Jews Are Evil

evil usI will admit that I have not the faintest clue whether the material I quote was written by Jews to spoof the utter absurdity of antisemitic websites or that this is written with all seriousness by Jew-haters and that they have no clue how ridiculous they really sound.
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Do Jews Control the US?

The 1921-22 Philadelphia SPHAs. Note the Hebrew lettering on the jerseys.70 years ago American basketball was dominated by Jewish players.
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Did Benjamin Franklin Warn Against the Jews

Great Seal of US on back of one dollar billThere is no shortage of Jew-hating websites that like to spread lies about Jews by quoting famous people making anti-Semitic remarks. One such hoax is the lie that Benjamin Franklin Warned Against the Jews.
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TT 13 things to blame on the Jews

anti-Semitic katrina propagandaHere are 13 things to blame on the Jews
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The Jews control the Main Stream Media in US

Demonstrators protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across from the United Nations in New York on Sept. 20, 2006, in a rally organized by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.Sadly, the Jews who do control the few major papers are liberal idiots who want to see Israel destroyed simply to spite the Christian Right because they support Israel. How sick is that?
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Miss Newcastle 1968If you didn't know any better, you'd have to think that the David Duke website is a front for the Zionist Organization of America in the way that they keep pounding home how smart, clever, and outright brilliant these pesky Jews are!
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