I allow and encourage any and all comments, but there are 8 rules you should follow:

1) Linking

Yes, you can pimp your own site or article but do not link to a commercial site unless it's on topic. The following is a corporate telecom website: Sip Reseller Platform, which I might allow if the topic is about telecommunications. You can also link to commercial sites if they display some really hot girls. I'm kidding.

I'll even allow links to Palestinian hate sites that lie about Jews provided it's on topic.

2) Offensive Words

You can be offensive, politically incorrect, and even threaten "Death to all Jews", but do not threaten a specific individual.

Some of my readers work in offices that block offensive words. Please use F* or c*ck or some such to enable my article to be read at these companies. Ignoring this rule will delay your comment from appearing since it will have to wait until I get to it.

This especially applies to words you use to identify yourself since I cannot edit your login name to make it acceptable.

3) Libelous or Illegal Material

mullah kissing childDo not give instructions to illegal activities such as "how to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge" or leave links to any illegal content such child porn even if it's on topic. You may link to photos like this one if your point is that "Homosexuality in Islam is punishable by death but pederasty is permissible".

Do not post material that is libelous. If you write that Ahmed so-and-so is a financier of Islamic terror, include authoritative links that show this is true. Things that are self-evident, such as "Islam is a threat to Western Civilization," need not be corroborated with links.

4) Don't post the same comment more than once.

5) Stay on-topic.

But if you want to wish me Happy Birthday - that's OK.

Criticizing or making fun of others for their grammar or spelling is not on topic. Let us not discourage those whose first language is not English from leaving comments.



7) Keep it Short

Limit comments to 500 words.

8) Make Only One Point

If you have many points to cover, spread them over multiple comments so replies can be made to one point at a time.

There you have it. Comments are not moderated and appear as soon as you post them (except see rule #2).

I may allow comments to remain even if they are silly. However I maintain the right to delete any post or ban any commenter at my discretion. I do not assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the content of comments left on my site.

You can be radical, conservative, liberal, communist, I don't care - Write a cogent argument for your position and I'll allow it. Just don't violate my 8 Rules.

I may, at my discretion, change all caps to normal case, euphemize certain phrases or words, fix spelling, edit some or all of your content. If I feel like it, I may steal what you write and use it for blog-fodder in my next article without needing to ask your permission.

To other bloggers: you may take my 8 rules and use them as is or modify them to suit for your own blog without needing to ask permission or to attribute.

As for leaving your email address: I do not publish your email address - it is there strictly to allow me to answer you privately, offline, in case the need arises. The only thing I may reveal is the commenter's country of origin and only if it's pertinent.

Revised 20 Jul 2015

### End of my article ###

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