It is 3 AM - The Difference Between Hillary and Trump

hillary clinton dozing offTrump is awake at 3 AM while Hillary was busy sleeping just the way she slept through the terrorist attacks against our embassy in Benghazi.
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Donald Trump and Alicia Machado and Miss Piggy

Alicia Machado looking good thanks to Donald TrumpThanks to Donald Trump Alicia Machado looks great today.
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Alicia Machado In Pure Malice July Playboy Mexico 2010

Alicia Machado July 2010 Playbox MexicoAlicia Machado gives an interview in Playboy Mexico Magazine and when asked, "When you hear the word sex, what is the first thing that comes into your head?" she answered, "Madness, joy and happiness." Spoken like a true infidel woman.
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More of Alicia Machado

alicia machado playboy mexico venezuela modelWhen the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, signed a contract with Playboy to pose naked, she dedicated her being photographed 'como Dios la trajo al mundo' [as God brought me into the world] to Donald Trump who called her an "eating machine..."
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Alicia Machado - Feb Playboy Mexico 2006

alicia machado desnuda playboy mexico 2006Bobby Abreu, a superstar in the Latin world and a kinglike figure in Venezuela broke off his engagement with his fiancee, former Miss Universe and Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, over the international scandal of her being filmed having sex with another man on a reality TV show in Mexico called "La Granja." Don't bother looking for a explicit sex video - she's under covers and we don't see much - sigh. But if you have to look:
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