American Beauty marries poorest man in Bahrain*

beauty and the Beast

The new bride, Brittany Swingpole, admitted that her new husband Mujib Habbib Zabzub only had three oil wells, but she was willing to overlook his poverty saying, "after all, money isn't everything." Brittany says she expects things to get better for the pair since Mujib has a nose for oil.

*Inspired by Azerbaijan's most famous comedies, Uzeyir Hajibeyov's "Mashadi Ibad".

"So how is it that Rustam Bey is giving his beautiful daughter, his only daughter, to an ugly man like Mashadi?"

Hasan Bey goes on to answer his rhetorical question: "Maybe, for his wealth and money! No, that cannot be true!

I think it's simply because Mashadi is a good Muslim!"

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