Why Muslims did not riot in America.

Islamic rage boy
Photo Credit: BBC

There are 3 main reasons Muslims did not riot in America over the Danish Cartoons.

  1. Muslims here make decent money compared to those in Europe. It wouldn't be wise to throw away a decent job by being photographed at a rally looking like our friend here in this photo.

    Despite what you read in the media America does not cradle immigrants as much as the Europeans do with money, living assistance, government housing, health-care and education; therefore in Europe there is less incentive for a Muslim to integrate into white, European, civilized society. Although Muslims are hardly joining the mainstream in America, at least they tend to be less ghettoized than their European counterparts. What is more likely here in America is for small cells to plot terrorist acts rather than openly, publicly riot.

    In Europe or the UK, Muslims who have decent jobs and make good money would still risk it all because they always have the Socialist state to fall back on. This is not to say American Muslims won't ever demonstrate, but rioting on the level seen in Europe is not likely for two more reasons:

  2. Americans carry guns.

  3. Americans don't take no crap.

Of course, reason 3 only works as long as there are fewer than 1% Muslims in this country. As soon as a critical mass of Muslims is reached, as seen in France, then Americans even with guns will not be so brave.

To get a clear perspective of how dangerous Islam is to the world one needs only to read a few bloggers in the almost-Islamic Republics of England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, etc. to realize how barbaric and backward Islam really is.


BrusselsJournal, Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute

In Denmark moderate Muslims, encouraged by the government’s refusal to be intimidated by the radicals, have distanced themselves from the imams. The latter announced on Friday that they no longer demand apologies from Jyllands-Posten for the publication. Instead they said they just want two things: a guarantee from the Danish authorities that Muslims can freely practice their religion without being "provoked and discriminated.” And a declaration from Jyllands-Posten that the cartoons were not published with the intention of mocking the Muslim faith.

Daily Times, Muslim British University professor claims cartoons are racist

Prof Tariq Modood of Bristol University, writing for the liberal website Open Democracy, points out that the cartoons are not just about one individual but about Muslims per se, just as a cartoon portraying Moses as a crooked financier would not be about one man but a comment on Jews. And just as the latter would be racist, so are these, he adds. He says that what is legal can also be unacceptable and where matters cannot easily be regulated by law, one relies on protest as well as empathy.

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