The Sopranos and modern Islam

Eugene is a member of the crew that was headed by Ralph Cifaretto

In the Premiere of the 6th season of the Sopranos, Episode 66, we learn that Eugene Pontercorvo has inherited $2 million from his aunt, and he and his wife Deanne played by Suzanne DiDonna see this inheritance as his way out of the mob life. Gene goes to Tony requesting permission to retire to Florida. Tony's not thrilled: "Retirin? What are you, a hockey player?" But agrees to think about it.

Christopher orders Gene to take care of a bad debtor, promising to put in a good word to Tony "on that Florida thing" in exchange. But after Gene shoots Teddy Spirodakis in a fast food chicken joint, Silvio breaks the news that Florida's out. Deanne is devastated - "Tony, Tony! Why don't you kill him?....You think I don't know you've done it before?" she screams. It only gets worse when the Feds call in Gene, whom we learn has been a cooperator, and tell him he's got to replace Curto as their man on the inside. Feeling as if he has no choice, Gene hangs himself.

Once you're in the "Family" you stay in the family at the pain of death. The only way out early is suicide.

I bring this up to point out the plight of millions of moderate Muslims. The reason they are moderate is that they are educated. What keeps them from "retiring" altogether from Islam is the threat of retribution from their fellow Muslims. Seems suicide is also the only way out. In fact it's made into a virtue through shaheed. In Islam it's a word which contains sacredness and glory according to shaheed foundation.

But I digress, here are some Sopranos' sidebars:

ambivablog wonders if Tony doesn't look younger in this episode and "did David Chase actually shoot these scenes several years ago?"

If you're wondering what to eat while watching the Sopranos go to Mary Ladd's food finds

By the way, almost everyone in the series has at least 6 syllables to their name, Eugene Pontecorvo, Anthony Soprano, Gerry Torciano, etc. Looks good on a docket, I suppose: The United States vs Goombah Bagodonuts.

NPR Fresh Air from WHYY, March 2, 2004 ยท He created the HBO hit series The Sopranos. The show begins its fifth season this Sunday and picks up where it left off with the separation of Tony Soprano and his wife Carmela.
Hear the audio.

Have you ever wondered what the Sopranos would look and sound like if it were broadcast on network TV?

YouTube, mad tv sopranos

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