In China we eat America for lunch - hahaha

a harangue from China to US that taunts our missteps

Here's a film that should be required viewing for all students entering high school. If this doesn't shame one into studying, I don't know what else will. The 2006 Sundance Film Festival Documentary is a 17 minute long harangue (1)
from China to US that taunts our economic and political missteps.

If you need to see it on the big screen, it will be showing at the Brooklyn Museum this Saturday (June 3rd) at 3:00pm Program # 3.

Jon Daniel Ligon: Many years a writer, Mr. Ligon received his MFA in experimental writing from Brown University where he studied under such notables as Robert Coover, Edmund White, John Hawkes and others. Seeing film’s potential, he began experimenting with it as a writer’s medium. His early works "A Fly By Shooting" (Sundance) and "One of Those Days" (Sundance) led him to later successes such as "The Real Adventures of GI Joe" and most recently "Ha Ha Ha America" a film intended to be read not watched. Like most writers, Mr. Ligon works alone: no crews, no editors, no external opinions.

Of course, like all satires, this is written from a particular point of view which may have nothing to do with the truth and is merely one man's take on the perceived differences between our two cultures. But like all stinging humor, there is truth underlying the joke on us. After all, if it were entirely lies would it be funny at all? Perhaps we need to examine what it is we are teaching our young children and fix the problem before such a film is no longer a satire but a social studies documentary.

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We gather that the movie was Ligon's way of issuing a wake-up call to the American government. But the movie, admittedly amusing at first in a cheap way, displays a very simplistic world-view, only a partial understanding of U.S.-China relations and the butchering of several "facts." The movie insults both Chinese people and Americans. Maybe the filmmakers figured that made it OK?

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Some bloggers are finding it "brilliant, compelling” or "both hilarious and profoundly meaningful”, and more than a few folks appear to be taking it at face value: "It’s a translation of a short film from the Chinese perspective about American political and economic blunders. It’s funny, horrifying, full of truth and outright lies, yet there’s a ring of truth to the whole thing that gives you a kind of queasy feeling.



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Ha Ha Ha America Part 1

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