Rarely photographed Florida Squirrel

rare photograph florida squirrel

A real treat here. They usually move too slowly to be photographed, especially with today's fast, digital cameras. By using especially slow film we were able to capture this rare event.

Have you ever been tormented by the eternal questions:



I am often asked, "Bernie, I hate these filthy animals in my backyard, what do you suggest?"

My answer is always the same: put them in your washer and set the temperature to high. Once the wash cycle is done put them into the dryer for 41 minutes (same setting: high).

But please avoid using bleach in the wash cycle lest you certainly scare the hell out of the local cats and dogs. You don't want to take this out of the dryer:

white squirrel

More on Florida Squirrel:

Anti-Squirrel Coalition Florida Chapter

Florida Chapter. Florida Headquarters: Valrico. Existing since 2000. Mission Statement: The ASC has been set up to protect the human race from the evil doings of the squirrels.

Squirrels of Florida

Of the 94 species of wild mammals that are native to Florida, none are more frequently encountered than squirrels. Squirrels belong to the most successful and widespread order in the world, rodents. One of the main differences between squirrels and most other rodents is that squirrels have a rather large, bushy tail.

Florida Squirrel Control & Removal - Orlando

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a common nuisance animal...

You probably wonder how we got close enough to take a photo of the Florida squirrel without scaring him off:

rare photograph florida squirrel

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