Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

As AJ struggles with depression, Kelli's dad is the unwitting catalyst of a new feud between Christopher and Paulie.

[Music: Tony is mumbling the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb]
Tony asks A.J. what he's doing up so early watching TV. AJ complains he's lost the love of his life. Carmela quotes: "It's better to have loved and lost..." but the allusion is lost on A.J.

Chris' father-in-law Al is selling the Black and Decker power tools at his hardware shop from the Cuban hijack deal with Ramon from Episode 80. Cops are lined up to buy the tools for their off-duty jobs. Christopher is there to collect on the sales.

Later at the Bing Chris gives 12 K to Paulie after taking his cut.
Paulie: "Madon, those f* belt sanders are flying off the shelves, eh?"
Chris: "You ain't seen this many cops lined up since the centennial of Dunkin' Donuts."

Chris makes a toast to "Business" with a glass of club soda which offends Paulie, "You gonna jinx me, toast with water?" Chris: "Club soda, what's your problem?" Then Paulie admits he was just ribbing him and asks if Chris wants to go for a ride, get a prime rib, but Chris begs off. Paulie: "What are you watching your cholesterol too now?" Chris storms off in a huff leaving Paulie to stew. Later we see Paulie getting a bit of revenge for being snubbed by Chris.

At Satriale's Tony sees agents Harris and Goddard having lunch. They discuss Phil Leotardo. Harris mentions when he first came out of the academy his assignment was in Brooklyn, he never cared for Phil. Tony asks if he was able to supply info on Muslims would he able to "bank the resulting good will?" Harris explains that he would write a 5K letter to be put in his file so that if he was ever convicted of a crime the judge would take that into consideration for sentencing. 5K comes from Section 5K1.1 of the United States Sentencing Guidelines which permits courts to depart from the mandatory Federal sentencing strictures for those who "provide substantial assistance in the investigation or prosecution of another person."

Tony tells Harris that two Arabians used to hang around the Bing trying to tit-f*k the girls and suddenly they stopped coming around, and then last week he saw them around the neighborhood with other guys with the headgear and the beards...fundamental thing. When pressed for a name, Tony guesses Damad or Jamalee then gets his cellphone out and rings Christopher and finds out their names: Ahmed and Mohammed. Chris even has one of their cell numbers although it doesn't answer anymore.

AJ visits Blanca at the construction site and seems to be getting along with her when she greets a black/Hispanic worker. AJ wants to know who he is but Blanca says it's just some guy.
A.J. "Are you going out with him?"
Blanca: "He just smiled, Anthony, he works here, you gotta stop..."
A.J. "Or what?"
Blanca: "I won't see you again."

Blanca then tells him it's a bad idea for them to meet at all because the last time A.J. started crying in the Starbucks. So A.J. starts crying at the construction site. Quite pitiful, actually.

Tony is hitting on one of the Bing girls (nice rack btw) when Carmela calls asking for Tony to come home because she's worried about A.J.

Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

Tony is upset A.J. is so depressed over this girl. He explains that there is a half billion dollar business devoted to people getting the blues. "Prozac?" asks A.J. Tony tells him no, the music business, Tears on My Pillow, etc. "These f* women, they'll drive you nuts." Nothing like good father to son advice. Tony tells him he smart, good looking, and white which is a huge plus these days. When Tony tells him to go out and get a blow job, A.J. yells out he doesn't want a blow job which earns him his father's sush to keep his voice down. "Why, who's listening out there?" And in comes his mother. How embarrassing!

Carmela is upset that A.J. saw Blanca again. A.J. blurts out "What the f* point?"

Outside his room, Carmela admits she was glad when they broke up, the culture divide and all; but now..." Tony says, Everything turns to shit."

Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

At Chris' house (there's a Cleaver Movie Poster in the foyer) Kelli greets Tony's sister Barbara and her husband Tom and two kids (Tommy Jr and Alyssa) to the Sunday barbecue and picnic party.

Out in the backyard Chris notices Tony talking to Bobby Bacala and senses there is a certain business air between the two that is new. Bobby with the cigar suddenly looks like a major player. While Chris is grilling the steaks, Tony remarks that it was a good idea for Chris and Kelli to have everyone over, otherwise he wouldn't be seeing much of Chris. Chris: "She wants to try gettin' her teeth wet on entertaining."

Tony doesn't like it that Chris only showed up for 5 minutes at the Bing to pay off Paulie, doesn't show up for anything other than that. Chris says with the booze and the strippers, most of them cokeheads, it's hard for him to come around the Bing at all. And Satriale's has the big fridge full of beer. "You know how hard it is to eat sausage and peppers without a cold one?" Tony wants him to suck it up, be around the beer and refuse it like a man. Chris complains that it's not so easy, that it's a disease. Tony doesn't buy it. But Chris says it runs in the family, Tony's hero, Chris' father was a junkie.

Kelli's father, Al Lombardo, catches Paulie Germani boosting the Black and Decker power tools. Little Paulie gives him a song and dance that his Uncle Paulie was supposed to call to let him know that he needed the items for his friend down at the union. When Al tries to make a call to Chris, Little Paulie tells him not to make a problem where there ain't none.

At the pizza joint, A.J. sees lovers kissing and laughing which causes him to burst into tears and quitting the job at the Pizzeria altogether. What a loser! Felix, a poor worker yells out after him "But you're the manager!"

Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

Patsy Parisi gives Tony a taste of the betting action taken in by Patsy's kid in college. Patsy is proud of his kid, being good at computers. Makes Tony wonder about his loser son. In the background we can see Bobby Bacala, former faithful family man, talking it up with a Bing girl.

At the Bing Tony sees Parisi's kid Jason at the bar, says his father calls him the golden boy. He meets up with Carlo Gervasi and his boy, also named, Jason. Tony asks how is Rutgers, Jason Parisi says, "Majoring in cash and minoring in ass." The boys ask Tony how A.J. is doing. What can Tony say, that his kid's working in a pizza parlor? The boys are ogling the strippers without a care in the world and A.J. is dying over some Spanish girl. The boys have booked a party at the Bing, so Tony suggests they invite A.J.

Chris goes over to Paulie's house to complain about Paulie's nephew taking the stuff from Kelli's father. Chris knows that they were there to boost the swag and that the union story was just a cover in case they got caught. Chris wants to know when he'll get the money, and Paulie tells him "when you suck the money outa my ass! - Get the f* out!

Chris bursts into the back room of the Bing telling Tony he has to talk to him. When Bobby asks what happened, Chris gives him a look, like why are you asking? He tells Tony that Paulie sent his nephew and Jason (Yes another Jason) Molinari to boost a pallet of power saws from his father-in-law. Tony is not upset or concerned. He's discussing a multi-million dollar deal, interestingly with Sil and Bobby. Bobby is getting more and more involved in this thing of ours. Chris says it's not the money. Tony tells him to wait until later to discuss the matter but Chris says he's got other things to do.

At home, Carmela is reading Rebel-in-Chief: Inside the Bold and Controversial Presidency of George W. Bush in bed when Meadow comes in a voices concerns about things A.J. is saying, things like no one gives a shit about him, what's the point of anything... Meadow warns her parents that a girl in her dorm in her sophomore said the exact things before she threw herself off the library balcony. Later Tony sits silently in a lazyboy while A.J. watches TV from the sofa.

The next day at Dr Melfi's Tony tells her he's done. It's over. "Truth is, this therapy is a jerkoff. You know it and I know it." Well, he was going to quit, but his son is going to commit suicide so he's trapped with Melfi forever. The sons of his friends are happy and ambitious, but he's cursed with a crying loser. "My son curled up in a couch in a fetus position when he should be out banging coeds." Tony blames A.J. fugue on his family putrid genes. Tony is outraged and hates that he's in therapy. After all the bullshit, "Is there all there is?"

At the A.A. meeting Chris reveals that his boss resents his sobriety. Chris spews out much hostility toward Tony for being an enabler.

Back at home, A.J. is still watching TV. Tony asks if the Jasons called him to the party the next night. A.J. says he doesn't want to go to the party. Tony tells him he will go to the party, no debate.

Back at the A.A. stairwell Chris commiserates with a fellow addict. Chris says they used to be close but when a decision had to be made between a woman Chris liked or his Boss, he sided with his Boss, but Tony never appreciated, "Give, give, give,it's all I ever do!"

Pauilie Germani and Jason Molinari sit outside Al Lombardo's hardware store. They wait for him to leave and come into the store and give Mike, one of the clerks, a story that they are there to pick up the drills. Another okey-dokey. Chris will be mad.

A.J. is at a psychiatrist's office. A.J. says he doesn't know the reason for Blanca leaving him, but he thinks it might be because his family has way more money than hers. He admits he's been feeling suicidal, a little bit, but he's never tried to do it. The doc suggests an antidepressant, Lexapro.

At the Bing party (and what a party it is! More naked girls in one episode than all season) Jason Parisi tries to convince A.J. to get into the betting racket. A.J. says he's not good at math, he only got 450 on his SATs (That's piss poor). Even a lapdance can't get him out of his malaise.

Chris breaks into a card game with Benny, Molinari, Germani and others and starts kicking the shit out of him and flips him out the 2nd storey window.

At home, Carmela urgently wakes Tony up saying she needs to talk to him. She's upset that Tony let underage A.J. go to a strip club. Tony: "What's the big deal?"
Carmela: "He just got in three hours ago and he's still drunk." Tony jokes wondering if Carmela's really worried that a set of tits is going to send him over the edge. Tony tries to convince that this is the way for A.J. to get back to college.

We see Paulie is driving with a terrific scowl.

At Satriale's Chris admits he did a stupid thing attacking Paulie Germani, who in the hospital with six broken vertebrae.

Meanwhile Paulie is riding roughshod over Chris' front lawn ruining all the landscaping

Chris says that he knows Pauli set up the deal with the Cubans but that the taking of stuff from his family is too much. Tony says this could have been handled with a conversation. Chris reminds Tony that he wanted to talk with him. Tony says he should have waited. Tony blames it all on Chris not paying attention to day to day business. Tony tells Chris to figure out what Paulie owes for the tools as against what Chris will owe for the hospital bills.

Chris calls Tony and tells him that Paulie tore up 40 grand worth of landscaping. Chris says that because he loves Tony he ain't gonna do nothin.

At a frat party the Jasons threaten Victor, a deadbeat college boy, by pointing to Tony Soprano Jr. "You know what that means, right?"

At home Carmela is happy that A.J is with his friends.

At the VIP Lounge in the Bing, Carlo Gervasi extols the virtues of Walmart which is always fighting the tightening of security at the ports. A goombah asks "What about terrorism, missiles and shit?" Chris comes in to join Tony and Sil at a table. At Tony's suggestion, Sal Vitro is going to re-sod the lawn. One has to wonder whether the poor stooge will have to do it for free. Tony said he worked out a payment schedule for Paulie. When Chris goes over to apologize to Paulie, "Forget it OK? Shit happens, whadya gonna do? No point in ruminating." They exchange I'm sorrys and Paulie offers to buy Chrissy a club soda. Chris says, "You know what? F* it! Whatever he's having." And takes a stiff drink.

Back at the frat house the boys and A.J. are drinking it up. Jason Parisi gets a call that Victor (the welch) is at another party and asks A.J. to join them. A.J. tries to beg off but they drag him off. They catch Victor at the party and drag him into A.J.'s van and bring him to a woody area and start beating him and then pour sulfuric acid on his feet. A.J. looks like he's getting off on it.

Back at the Bing Chris is rambling about his child when Paulie asks how he can be adopted so he can get the same attention that Chris is paying to his child. Chris takes offense.

Chris: ""You realize by the time Cailtin's outta college, it'll be like the year...20...27 or something?"
Paulie: "If she takes after you she won't be out the fourth grade by then."

Everyone laughs.

Paulie: "By that time she'll be working here (at the Bing as a stripper), so who gives a shit?"

All the laughing faces swirl by Chris' eyes, even Tony's. Chris stumbles and leaves in disgust. We note again that former family man Bobby Bacala has a broad with him again.

J.T.Dolan is working at his laptop at home when he gets a visit from Chris who comes in crying that he's losing it. J.T. complains that it's 11: 30 at night and he's working on a deadline for Law and Order. J.T. suggests calling Chris' sponsor but he's out of town. Chris complains that his friends have abandoned him. "I've been totally f* ostrafied."

Chris then starts telling him that he knows things that could destroy the whole organization. He mentions Ralph Cipriotti, Adriana... J.T. is afraid to hear these revelations. Just as Chris goes to leave, he turns and blasts J.T. in the head. What's an episode without a whacking?

Sopranos Episode 82 - Walk Like a Man

[Music: Tom Sawyer by RUSH]
At the driveway to his home, Tony hears a car coming up fast and pulls a sawed off shotgun from his car. But it's only A.J. They go in and join Carmela and Meadow at the table having a late night snack after watching Jay Leno. Meadow had a mystery date she's refusing to discuss. A.J. says he's wired. Still on a buzz from the Frat party and the torture in the woods. Tony and Carm seem pleased that A.J. is no longer morose.

[Music Los Lobos - "The Valley"]
Chris comes home and straightens out a recently replanted tree that fell.

Fade to black.

For one of the most comprehensive of reviews of this episode try

The House Next Door,
Sopranos Mondays: Season Six, Ep. 17, "Walk Like a Man"

Written and directed by Terence Winter, "Walk Like a Man" came close to being all things to all Sopranos viewers. For the "less yakkin', more whackin'" segment of the audience, it offered tits and blood aplenty, and it zipped through its densely packed narrative with a breathless sureness reminiscent of the show's more conspicuously plot-driven first season (which makes sense, considering that there are only four episodes left; the show might as well circle around to where it started). But beneath its surface pleasures (and surface nastiness) was one of the most complicated structures of any single Sopranos episode -- so dense, in fact, that I felt obligated to watch it twice before writing this,

And a solid analysis as always from

Alan Sepinwall,
Sopranos Rewind: Walk Like a Man

A.J. and Chris have both inherited unfortunate traits from their fathers: Tony's depression and Dickie's substance abuse. (Tony, naturally, goes about in pity for himself about the former and has no interest in hearing about the latter.) Both are dealing with their problems in their own way - A.J. by curling up into a weepy little ball, Chris by avoiding the Bing - but Tony doesn't have patience for any coping mechanism that doesn't involve living up to the episode's title. Chris may have a handle on his problem, but he didn't take the Gary Cooper approach, and Tony dislikes him for it.


Tim Daly (J.T. Dolan)
Dania Ramirez (Blanca Selgado)
Carlo Capotorto (Little Paulie Germani)
Arthur J. Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi)
Joe Perrino (Jason Gervasi)
Max Casella (Benny Fazio)
Cara Buono (Kelli Moltisanti)
Matt Servitto (Agent Dwight Harris)
Michael Kelly (Agent Ron Goddard)
Michael Drayer (Jason Parisi)
Dennis Paladino (Al Lombardo)
Phyllis Kay (Rita Lombardo)
Marianne Leone (Joanne Moltisanti)
Michael Countryman (Dr. Richard Vogel)
Frank John Hughes (Walden Belfiore)
John Cenatiemp (Anthony Maffei)
Anthony J. Ribustello (Dante Greco)
Ron Castellano (Terry Doria)
William DeMeo (Jason Molinaro)
Artie Pasquale (Burt Gervasi)
Danielle Vecchio (Barbara Giglione)
Ed Vassallo (Tom Giglione)
Greg Connoly (stan)
Frankie Santorelli (Georgie)
Matt Sauerhoff (Victor Mineo)
Sistina Giordano (Donna Amato)
Belinda Bissonnette (Belinda)
Nathalie Walker (Lori)
Nolan Carley (Mike)
Michael Gibson (Greg)
Angelo Massagli (Bobby Baccalieri Jr)
Miryam Coppersmith (Sophia Baccalieri)
Avery Elaine & Emily Ruth Pulcher (Dominica Baccalieri)
Jeffrey M Marchetti (Peter "Bissell" LaRosa)
Richard Litt (Moderator)
Mando Alvarado (Felix)
Lawrence Bingham (Construction worker)
Ray A. Norberto (Player)
John O'Hara (Guy kissing in Pizza)
Brianne Moncrief (Girl kissing in Pizza)
Anthony Piccolo (Tommy Giglione, Jr)
Madison Connolly (Alyssa Giglione)
Jill Lord (woman)

In the preview for next week we see Tony in bed with a woman. I rotated it 90 degrees to get a good look, but she doesn't look familiar.

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