Sopranos Episode 84 - The Second Coming

Sopranos Episode 84 - The Second Coming

Sitting Round the Table (clockwise): Phil, Bobby Bacala, Dominic, Sil, Tony. Behind Tony: Butch DeConcini, Albie Cianflone.

Phil turns down Tony's offer of compromise; AJ despairs about the world and his future; Tony takes umbrage over an affront to Meadow.

The scene opens on the smoldering dump left over from the last episode.

[Music: "Ridin’ Dirty” - Chamillionaire] A.J. wakes up Tony with his rap music.

Sopranos Episode 84 - The Second ComingCarmela receives a mysterious package from Las Vegas, a Baume & Mercier gold watch, engraved, "You are my life, love T." In apology for having to leave to Las Vegas, to take care of Christopher's business interests. Carmela wonders what Kelli will do for money.

John Stephano greets Bobby at the hospital asbestos removal site. Bobby declines to shake hands - asbestos. Stephano tells Bobby that he's got Ecuadorians doing the job, some Polacks. When asked why they're not wearing protective gear, Stephano tells them that's a Union rule, and if he had to use a union he wouldn't be able to make money on the removal contract.

episode 84 sopranosA.J. back at therapy. When Dr. Vogel asks A.J. if he tried to stop the fight with his friends and the Somali boy, A.J. answered, "I'm one individual, what could I do?" A.J. complains the Lexapro doesn't make him feel as good as it does for others. A.J. complains about his course on the Palestinian conflict.

[Music: "Please, Mr. Postman” - The Marvelettes] Sil is reading "How to clean practically anything," when tony walks into the kitchen. Tells the crew about meeting Sonya and downing some Peyote, about the lights, the Sun. The crew looks at him strangely. Sil suggest they go to Phil to straighten out the asbestos dumping problem. Paulie says he was given acid once, he saw Uncle Jun with laser beams shooting out of his eyes.

Kelli is over for dinner at the Sopranos. A.J. comes down and turns down his favorite meal, Steak pizzaole because he says they spray virus on beef rather than clean the rat shit out of slaughter houses. Tony says he never heard that. A.J. tells him to read something other than the sports pages. When Tony's had enough, A.J. tells him to go ahead and bury his head in the sand. Tony offers to bury A.J.'s head in the f* wall instead.

A.J.'s class is covering the Poem "The Second Coming" by Yeats.
[In the season 5 episode, "Cold Cuts", Dr. Melfi quotes the poem, "The Second Coming" by W.B. Yeats. The poem was written after World War I and is about the fears that Western Civilization was coming to an end.]

Tony sees agents Harris and Goddard again at Satriale's, they have a photo of a Arabs for Tony to ID. He confirms them as Ahmed and Mohammed.

Tony, Sil and Bobby meet with Phil at his Social Club in New York. Phil asks if Chris' widow got his flowers. Tony says if he sent them he's sure she did. Phil says he doesn't expect any thank you any time soon, "The grieving process it takes time the closer you are to somebody." We know Phil is speaking about his brother here.

Tony says he was thinking of Phil's offer and counter-offers 15% plus what Phil owes him on the vitamin heist. Phil says it wasn't an offer it was his position. Tony asks if they need to talk in private. Phil wants to know why. Tony reminds Phil about the conversation they had when Phil was in the hospital. Phil won't compromise.

Phil: "you want compromise, how's this? 20 years in the can, I wanted manicott[i]; I compromised and ate grilled cheese off the radiator instead. I wanted to f*k a woman, but I compromised; I jacked off in a tissue."

In retaliation, Tony has Sil pull New York crew off the no-show jobs on a construction project. So there's no money when Butch and Salvatore 'Coco' Cogliano arrive asking the foreman, Edgar Ramirez, where are the checks. Coco and Butch beat him mercilessly and Coco takes $320 from his wallet and tells him the Tony Soprano owes him that money.

[Music: "Into the Ocean" by Blue October]
Meadow comes into A.J.'s room, he closes the cover to his lap-top. She starts extolling the virtues of Borat the movie. A.J. says Borat wasn't fair to the people involved, wants to know what Meadow wants. Tells her he dropped out of school.

Meadow wants to know if it's still about Blanca. A.J. worries that Bush will bomb Iran. What a moron. Meadow thinks he's on the net looking at porn but it happens to be Al Jazeera. I should mention that Meadow looks particularly hot lately.

Carmela makes Lincoln Log Sandwiches [two hot dogs split down middle filled with cream cheese on toasted white bread]. A.J. mopes about the house. Then attempts suicide by tying a string to a cinder block and throwing himself into the pool. Tony arrives and hears A.J. crying for help and jumps into the pool and rescues the crying idiot.

At the hospital, Dr Vogel escorts A.J. to a psyche ward. Carmela laments that A.J. was always a happy little boy. I guess she missed the episodes we watched.

Sopranos Episode 84 - The Second Coming

At the back of the Bing, Tony comes in depressed. They don't know what to say to him. Let's dispense with the 500 pound elephant in the room, my kid tried to off himself; calls A.J. a stupid f*k. Everybody commiserates with Tony saying how their kids are also problematic.

At home Tony can't shake his depression. Carmela doesn't want to hear about the Soprano curse. Carmela: "He didn't get it from my family." They start arguing about Tony playing the depression card. She throws the gold watch at Tony.

Melfi suggests that A.J. tying a short rope might have been a call for help. Tony thinks it was because he was an idiot. Couldn't even do suicide right. Tony believes Carmela coddled A.J. Tony admits he's ashamed of his son.

At the ward Carmela tells A.J. that Meadow got rear-ended and will see him later.

caffe roma pastryA drunk Coco insults Meadow while she's having pastries at Caffe Roma in Little Italy with her secret date.

Meadow tells Tony that Coco was saying weird things to her. Whipped cream on her mouth. Tony tells Meadow that Coco is harmless. Meadow admits that she's dating Patrick Parisi and that she's not continuing with Med school.

Melfi has her own session with Elliot Kupferberg who tells her that therapy is useless with sociopaths.

[Music: "Caravan” - The Brian Setzer Orchestra] Tony goes over to Coco's place, John's Restaurant, and pistol whips Coco, then breaks off all his teeth in a particularly brutal manner [some call it biting the curb], almost snapping his neck, but not killing him. When Tony exits, one of the waiters says, "Get a mop."

At Dr Vogel's A.J. complains about how badly they both treated him in life.

A.J. says Tony's mother told him that it's all a big nothing. Life. In the end your friends and family let you down.

[Music: Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley] At Satriale's, Patsy Parisi tells Tony it's not too late to be grandpas "I hear wedding bells in the air" when Little Carmine arrives: "This alteration you had with him [Coco]...You're at the precipice Tony - of an enormous crossroad. Phil's considering shutting down the Hackensack Mall project with a plumbing strike as we speak."

Tony: "F*k 'em; let 'em."

Carmine suggest that he go to Phil on bended knee.

At Melfi's Tony complains that there's no balance in his life - it's all one sided against him. Admits he took peyote in Las Vegas and saw that there is something more to life.

When Tony comes to make a peace offering, Butch tells Carmine and Tony that Phil is not accepting visitors. Phil calls Tony a piece of shit. Looks like war.

[Music: Ninna Ninna - Lullaby] At the ward, A.J. gets a visit from Tony who tries to bring pizza to him. Tony walks down a corridor and puts his arm around his son.

Fade to black.

If you enjoyed that beautiful lullaby Ninna Ninna at the closing credits, you can download the mp3 from here.

According to

Deaf Indie Elephants,
The Sopranos 6×19: Ninna Ninna – Lullaby

The original one is Ninna Nanna Malandrineddi, this is a calabrian song from the album Musica Della Mafia about a widow singing to her son to avenge his father’s murder.

Planck's Constant Season 6a/b Episode Guide - Episodes 66-83

We're coming down to the wire:

Final Episode 86 - Made In America (57 Mins)
The final chapter in the saga of the Soprano family

Episode 85 - The Blue Comet (57 mins)
The allegiance of those closest to Tony is put to the test; a case of mistaken identity has serious ramifications.

Peter Bogdanovich (Elliot Kupferberg)
Cara Buono (Kelli Moltisanti)
Matt Servitto (Agent Dwight Harris)
Michael Kelly (Agent Ron Goddard)
Gregory Antonacci (Butch DeConcini)
Michael Countryman (Dr. Richard Vogel)
Armen Garo (Salvatore 'Coco' Cogliano)
John "Cha Cha" Ciarcia (Albie Cianflone)
Frank John Hughes (Walden Belfiore)
John Cenatiempo (Anthony Maffei)
Daniel Sauli (Patrick Parisi)
Joey Perillo (John Stefano)
Felix Solis (Edgar Ramirez)
Dominick Chianese, Jr. (Dominic)
Lindsay Campbell (Professor Kline)
Taleb Adlah (Ahmed)
Donnie Keshawarz (Muhammed)
Joey Scala (Teenager)
Ed Kersehn (Surveyor)
Edward Furs (Driver)

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