Why Young People are not educated

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We see Jay Leno do it often: he asks young Americans if they know who Winston Churchill is or to name one Supreme Court Judge or if they know where Italy is. It's embarrassing to watch our youth display zero knowledge about history, geography, government, math or even basic literature.

At first I thought it was the fault of mass fluoridation of water that lowered the I.Q. of every American born after 1976. But I came across the video below that finally explains why so many young kids today are left-wing liberal idiots. Before I explain, a little background: The human brain contains 100 billion neurons where each neuron can connect to 10,000 other neurons. It is this interconnection that gives us intelligence. Merely knowing a fact by itself, unconnected to any other fact can easily be done by worms or toads.

When I see a fly, I don't just record the fly into a mental file by itself. It gets connected to other flying insects, to the movie, "The Fly", to a photo of Jeff Goldblum, to the sound a fly makes, to a picnic scene of a hot summer day with the annoying drone of flies, to a zipper, to Superman flying, to Marty McFly (of Back to the Future), to Fly American Airlines, to Aladdin flying on a carpet, to fishing hooks, and to 9,991 other neurons associated with the word FLY.

Of course, each of these other connections are connected to thousands of other connections and so on. Jeff Goldblum brings to mind Jurassic Park which brings to mind Pterodactyls, which interestingly takes us back to FLY.

In fact I find it almost impossible not to associate a fly with thousands of other files stored in my head. Now to explain why so many young people today are imbeciles: it's quite simple and has nothing to do with fluorides in the water or cosmic rays leaking through the ozone. Pop culture. That's right, Pop culture does not require one to associate a concept in one's head with any other concept. Paris Hilton for example can have an image of a driving licence in her head and not associate it with any previous ruling by a judge or the fact that she's not allowed to drive any more. She ignored his previous warnings about driving again and so was quite surprised that she had to go to jail. There was no connecting of facts or knowledge with any other fact and so consequences did not get realized, conclusions were not reached, judgements were not made.

This syndrome is seen manifested by liberals when they read about Muslim terrorism. Each act is recorded in their brain as a toad records the image of a fly in its brain. The new fly image replaces the previous one. There is no history of flies or even the concept of flies, but merely the perception of a fly. And so to liberals an act of Islamic terror merely replaces the previous one stored in their brain. There is no accumulation of such acts and so liberals naturally ask, "What Islamic Terror Threat?" The concept cannot be formed in their toad-brains.

In the following video, the young person seems to have her brain completely occupied with over 100 billion pop culture facts, none of which are or need to be connected with one another. The brain, being completely filled at this point with all these useless, unconnected data feeds, has no more room for even a teeny sliver of history, geography or anything of value. Clear now?

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