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ضع نسخة من هذه الخلقيات على سطح مكتب الكمبيوتور. وجزاك الله خيرا
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In my article The Arab Contribution to Civilization: Nothing Lately, I pointed out that in contrast to all the wondrous and marvelous Arab contributions to civilization in the past, under Islam, Arabs have not advanced for the past one thousand years.

Again, in my article Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes I noted the paucity of Muslim Nobel Prize winners [ignoring the non-creative Peace Prize], less than 5, in a world filled with 1.5 billion Muslims while Jews, with barely 20 million souls, had garnered 139 [Update 2013 - it is now 178]. The Persian Journal likewise reported on the saga of 'missing' Nobel prizes within nations of Islam.

In response to the first article (The Arab Contribution to Civilization: Nothing Lately), a reader commented:

Planck, you obviously don't know your facts. The following site contains a largely complete official list of inventions/patents according to the US government:

If you bother to search for Muslim names on the site, you'll find thousands of modern inventions patented to them:

Ahmad OR Ahmed: 8838 patents
Mohammad OR Mohammed: 3721 patents
Muhammad OR Muhammed: 690 patents
Ali: 2798 patents
Shah: 2520 patents
Hussein OR Hussain: 1783 patents
Khan: 1130 patents
Karim OR Kareem: 717 patents
Abdul: 708 patents
Malik OR Maalik: 621 patents

Of course, there are many more Muslim names you can search for, with thousands more inventions patented to people with Muslim names. Whether you want to admit it or not, the fact remains that Muslims have contributed much to the world, just like any other major religion/culture.

I will agree that in America there are many thousands of patents by people with Muslim names. However most of these names belong to non-Muslims. In addition, many of these are repeats, for example, Dr. Mohammad Heidaran holds 24 patents, so many of these thousands may devolve to only hundreds of unique individuals. It should be noted that Dr. Heidaran received his degree in biochemistry from the University of South Carolina, so this only proves what I have been saying all along: that Arabs can only attain greatness when they grow up under the influence of a non-Muslim culture.

As of the 2000 Census there were 1,189,731 Arabs living in the US, mostly from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, so-called Palestine, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries that once had huge Christian populations. While the US population as a whole increased by 13.2% from 1990, the Arab population exploded by 38.3%.

The reason for this is, of course, due mainly to the persecution of Christians living in predominantly Muslim countries in the past few decades. By the next census it will even be worse. After 9/11 and the War on Terror, some 720,000 Iraqi Arabs have fled to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, but they are as unwelcome there as the resident Christians already are, and we can expect them to come here eventually. At present there are some 3 million Arabs in America, three-quarters of whom are Christian.

Before 1948, 850,000 Jews lived in Muslim countries of the Middle East. 99% no longer do. And as most non-Muslims living in those countries, they took Arabic names. Many tens of thousands came to the United States.

So in the past few decades we had many, many Christians and Jews from former Muslim countries who had Muslim names who became Americans, adopted our culture and did the things Americans are famous for: inventing and creating and applying for patents.

But unless my reader can show that these Muslim names on patents belong to Muslims, he has proven nothing. Paula Abdul, despite the Abdul, is Jewish. Likewise the writer Loolwa Khazzoom. General Omar Bradley? Certainly not Muslim.

And if this country elects Barack Hussein Obama as President, he will NOT be this country's first Muslim President. Muslim names mean nothing.

Perhaps one day, in shaa' allah, most Arabs will have shed the heavy cloak of Islam, see A Mass Exodus From Islam, and begin again to contribute something worthwhile to civilization other than brutality and barbarism.


18 Feb 2006,
Invention, innovation, technology and Islam

Remember this pathetic performance the next time some bonehead tries to argue cultural equivalency to you. How dare these people try to impose their ways on us, or dictate anything about the way we should live. Theirs is a formula for poverty, stagnation and misery. Imagine: over a billion people, and they have fewer patents in their entire recorded history than did the citizens of Utah last year.

The 3rd World View,
16 Feb 2004,
Is the recent image of Islam based on false notions?

between 1980 and 1999 the nine leading Arab economies registered 370 patents (in the U.S.) for new inventions. Patents are a good measure of a society's education quality, entrepreneurship, rule of law and innovation. During that same 20-year period, South Korea alone registered 16,328 patents for inventions. You don't run into a lot of South Koreans who want to be martyrs.

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