Church and Islam do not Mix

Church's Chicken, with 1,600 locations worldwide, was founded by Leonard L. Church, Sr. on April 17, 1952 in San Antonio, across the street from The Alamo. Church's was owned by AFC Enterprises, along with Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Cinnabon through the end of 2004, when it was sold to Arcapita (formerly Crescent Capital Investments). Because Arcapita is an Islamic venture capital firm pork (not being halal) was removed from the menu after the sale.

I have no objection to Mookie's No Pork On My Fork Pizza & Coffee Shop; if someone wants to open up a new restaurant catering to a fringe group, great. I do find it morally objectionable to allow any foreign entity to buy an existing American company and institute their cultural or religious rules upon non-Muslim American franchisees. They take our oil moneys and buy our institutions and impose their values on them. If we allow these transactions to continue, what next, Islamic-owned hospitals where male doctors have to have a curtain between them and female patients?

Suppose Muslims buy Rite-Aid, will all medicines that contain alcohol be banned?

Suppose Muslims buy up the only Driving School in your town and deny lessons to females since women are not allowed to drive cars? How will the women get to the nearest town that does not have a Muslim-owned driving school, drive?

Consider what happened to Marcus and Denise Beasley: (a tip of the turban Hat Tip to Kathy at Five Feet of Fury)

Muslim Banking in America

... a black couple in Baltimore... had contracted with the Church's Chicken restaurant chain to open a new outlet in Baltimore. Unfortunately for the entrepreneurial couple, as they were investing in their chicken outlet, Church's Chicken was purchased by Crescent Capital Investments Inc., the US affiliate of the Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank BSC. And, upon the restaurant chain's purchase, these new Islamic corporate owners decided to institute Shari'ah laws upon their investments.

This caught the Beasleys new restaurant in a tough spot because pork products were on the morning breakfast menu for the Church's Chicken chain. Because Shari'ah law principles had been imposed on the Beasleys' new restaurant, they would be barred from serving their breakfast menu items, their corporate owners informed them. This barring from being able to serve their breakfast items, the couple maintains, contributed to the restaurant's failure and their eventual bankruptcy.
The real issue is that a Muslim owned investment banking concern unfairly instituted Shari'ah laws on its American borrowers without due consideration. I should point out here, that I am on record as saying that Shari’ah based investing in the U.S. is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as the lender and borrower both agree to the terms of Shari'ah based investing and money lending, then what is the harm? If this new style of lending and banking operates in accordance with the religious tenets of both parties and both parties are in full agreement, we have no need to become alarmed. But, when an investment bank that takes possession of American companies begins to impose Shari'ah laws on its American customers, then we have a major problem.

Although the author above discounts any racism in the case, Debbie Schlussel offers some background on Arcapita and on the normal Muslim dislike of blacks (1). Taking into account that the Beasleys started the process before the buyout, it could very well be that if the couple were white, Arcapita might not have enforced its Shariah rules; but since they were only dumb kaffirs the bank figured they could get away with it. I wouldn't be so quick as to discount the race angle especially when it concerns Muslims who are the largest owners of black slaves in the world.

Other places where Muslims plan on taking over the world (using the name "Texas Chicken" since Church is a dirty word):

Moscow News Weekly,
31 May 2007,
Fast Food Giant Enters Russia

Church's Chicken, the American fried-chicken restaurant chain, is going to open up to 30 restaurants over the next three years in Russia.

The first restaurant is scheduled to open in Moscow in August, while a second one will open in St. Petersburg in September, Zack Kollias, Church's vice president for international development, told journalists....

Founded 52 years ago, Church's Chicken changed hands several times and was bought in 2004 by Bahrain based Arcapita Bank BSC.

Since Arcapita is based in an Arab country, it has removed pork from its menu. In Russia, Church's is going to offer fish items, Kollias said, since fish is very popular in Russia.

The restaurants will be run under the Texas Chicken brand, Kollias said, as this would be easier for Russians to pronounce.

The UK-

Cox News,
8 Apr 2008,
Atlanta-Based Church's Chicken Tackles British Market

LONDON — Britons' taste for roasted lamb, kidney pie, and Yorkshire pudding is giving way to a fondness for good old-fashioned, finger-lickin'-good fried chicken.

The capital is festooned with chicken outlets bearing names such as Southern Fried Chicken, Tennessee Fried Chicken, Chicken Cottage and Cut-Price Chicken, often with garish signage portraying a colorful chicken gnawing on a chicken leg.

This penchant for poultry has caught the attention of Atlanta-based Church's Chicken, which has just entered the market in the United Kingdom. The company plans to open 50 restaurants by the end of the year under its international brand name, Texas Chicken.

Haifa Wehbe by popular demand
Photo Credit: Blogging Beirut
Let's hope Muslims don't buy any music companies in America:

The Earth Times,
28 Apr 2008,
Enraged by sexy Lebanese singer, Bahrain's Islamists call for ban

Bahrain's Islamist lawmakers are campaigning for a ban on a planned show by Haifa Wahbe, a Lebanese singer known for her suggestive moves and tight dresses in music videos, the website of al-Arabiya television said Monday. The lawmakers from the Islamist Asala bloc said they would work with other parliamentary blocs to scrap Wahbe's show planned for Wednesday, according to the website.

Wahbe is one of a crop of new female Arab singers perceived as sexually provocative in the largely conservative Arab world.

In their Western-style music videos watched by huge audiences on popular satellite television channels, sultry female singers perform suggestive dances, wear revealing clothes and stage trysts with good- looking men with bare chests.

For the record, I don't care if the Japanese, Germans or Swiss buy American companies. I grew up not knowing that Nestle's Chocolate was Swiss-owned nor did I care since the Nestlé company did not require that I yodel or wear lederhosen when eating their products. Muslims would do well to emulate Nestlé's.

I suppose what Islam cannot do with the sword it will try to do with the petro-dollar.



DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL Blog, 24 Apr 2008, Racist Sharia Bankrupts Black Maryland Couple, Shuts Down Their Restaurant

The Beasleys owned a Church’s Fried Chicken franchise. They planned to offer breakfeast dishes, including pork and bacon. But, once Arcapita acquired Church’s, Arcapita’s strict sharia compliance requirements were foisted upon the Beasley’s and they were restricted from selling the breakfast items. They say this is the reason their business failed and that they were driven to bankruptcy. They lost everything, including their home, as a result. In their lawsuit, the Beasleys claim that Arcapita allowed White-owned franchisees to continue to sell the non-halal offerings in their stores.

If this is true–and I imagine they must have some proof of White-owned Church’s that sell non-halal meat and poultry–then it is emblematic of a part of Islam that is rarely broached in America: Islam’s racist attitude against Black people. We all know what happened in Sudan, and I’ve written many times over the last decade about how Blacks are called “Abed” (slave, in Arabic) or “Abeed” (slaves) throughout the Muslim world. This worldview is now, apparently, the basis for doing business at Arcapita/First Islamic-owned businesses.

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