Prince Charles is an Idiot

kissing cousins

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Just before my brother and I left for our 3 month vacation in Europe in the summer of 1968, my mother told us to make sure to pay a visit to her sister in Bialystok, Poland. What she failed to mention was that her sister had two gorgeous daughters. The moment I was introduced to my younger first cousin there were chemical explosions, for both of us. A year later we were married when I made my third trip back to Poland.

We were told it would take about 18 months for her to get a visa to come to the states. If she weren't married to me, the wait would have been about 20 years. A lot of Polacks wanted to come to America in 1969. When I left her we were both the same height: 5 feet, 6 inches.

A year and a half later when she arrived in New York she had grown about 7 inches. How we fared - her tallness and all that - is a story for another time. What I want to say here is that we made sure not to have children because of the slightly greater risk of birth defects considering that her mother and mine were sisters. On a side note, only 15 states in the US forbid marriages between first cousins. Although the risk is very, very slight, extensive inbreeding, on the other hand, produces idiots like Prince Charles of the UK.

Monsters and Critics, Prince Charles calls for halt in deforestation of rainforests

Britain's Prince Charles Thursday called for a halting of logging in the world's rainforests which he said would be the greatest single contribution to alleviating the effects of climate change.

Mechanisms had to be devised to pay poor countries to prevent them felling their rainforests which were the earth's 'air conditioning system,' the prince said in a BBC interview.

What the frightened Prince fails to understand is that we are losing tremendous tracts of rainforest in Africa, South America, and Asia each year precisely because decades ago idiots like him wanted to stop terrifying deaths on a grand scale due to drought, disease and starvation. By giving aid and food to Africa and other poor areas we only made the problem worse. If we had simply minded our own business and let nature take its course only a few million people would have died then instead of the tens of millions who now scour the Earth for more land to grow food, build homes and farms, etc.

Mind your own business dear Prince and the Earth will be a much better place. Read For Gods Sake - Stop Helping Africa

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