Obama and the Jewish Vote

Obama the communist
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In a recent poll it was found that 58 percent of American Jews said they would definitely vote for Obama. Since most Jews are Liberal appeasers who would rather die from a Muslim attack than dare to be called intolerant, I'm surprised it's not 95%. After all, the worst thing for Israel would be an Obama Presidency, and if there is one thing that Liberal Jews hate it's the State of Israel.

One of the problems with Obama is that he denies that's he's a Muslim. If he would only cop to being faithful to Islam he would get more Jewish votes than any Presidential candidate in history; Liberal Jews would be squealing "Oh look at me! I'm a Jew and I'm voting for a Muslim, see how multicultural I am, see how tolerant I am! Now please don't hurt me."

Disclaimer: I am a Jew and I'm voting for Obama, but not because I'm multicultural, I am not; and not because I am tolerant of Muslims, I am not; and not because he's black, because he's not. I'm voting for Obama because this country needs to be taught a lesson it will never forget. The coward and appeaser Jimmy Carter was only a slight moron and incompetent idiot who made inflation go into the low 20s and allowed Iran to take hostages while doing nothing. Obama on the other hand is a complete moron and incompetent idiot who hopefully will make our economy go into a total socialistic shitter and invite Iran to take all of Israel hostage.

With any luck, gold will go to a few thousand an ounce and I will be safe and far away to come back when sanity returns to the American public.

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