Sterilize Crack Whores - Save a Black Life

It has been estimated that between 1973 and 1993 black women have had about 10 million abortions keeping the numbers of blacks at 30 million instead of 40 million. As bad as this sounds this is actually a good thing for the black community since 94% of black victims are killed by blacks [Bureau of Justice] and homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American males aged 15 to 34 [Center for Healing Hearts and Spirits].

18 years after the passage of Roe v Wade, teenagers who would be in the prime of their crime years simply weren't born. Indeed, after decades of solid rises in the crime rate, inexplicably crime rates plummeted in every state in every area of the country except for a few states where the crime rate plummeted a few years earlier. Interestingly, those particular states had legalized abortion before Roe v Wade and exactly 18 years later their crime rates dropped precipitously.

The Ornery American, 11 Sep 2005, Why Did Crime Rates Fall?

The innovative policework in New York City was given much of the credit, but the same thing was happening in cities with no new theories or practices.

All kinds of theories were advanced, but they all fell apart against statistical realities -- none of them explained why crime rates fell at exactly the time they began to fall.

Except for one explanation. Abortion.
In 1973, Roe v. Wade made abortion permissible throughout the United States. The floodgates opened, and vast numbers of abortions were performed. As a result, vast numbers of children were not born.

Ah, but which children? The vast majority of the abortions were among women who would have been raising their children without a father; substantial numbers of these women were addicts. And even the abortions performed on middle-class women were somewhat more likely to be the result of liaisons in which one partner or the other, or both, had poor impulse control.

In other words, the fetuses that were aborted, had they been born, would have become children who were statistically the most likely group to become criminals. Raised by single mothers, in poverty, with genes that might not provide them with much ability to foresee the longterm consequences of impulsive actions.

The crime rates began falling exactly when that generation of children would have reached adolescence and those with such tendencies would have begun their criminal careers.

Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions []. It is statistics like these that have some black leaders saying those aborted babies are part of a destructive abortion industry that targets blacks more than any other group [Christian World News].

It should be noted that many black men view abortion as a planned government genocide against the black race. In a similar vein, you may recall that seemingly educated idiots like Spike Lee promote the racial paranoia that our government failed to act promptly during Katrina because it affected mostly blacks [Planck's Constant].

I suggest that our courts mandate that any crack whore found guilty of any violent crime or who took drugs while pregnant be forced to wear a contraceptive patch unless the woman weighs over 200 pounds in which case a surgical intervention be used instead.

This will help blacks achieve financial success and racial parity in this country in the following ways: there will be less black on black crime thus allowing decent black families to live in a safe environment where their children can go to school without being terrorized by their bros for playing white, and there will be less black on white crime thus improving the image whites have of blacks being more dangerous than any other race.

As for black paranoia, there are tens of millions of blacks in America, and very little chance of the race disappearing from the face of the Earth; get over it.

Many polls have shown that blacks are more opposed to abortion than whites. In light of this, blacks should be in favor of forced contraception of drug abusers since a crack whore is likely to have many abortions in her lifetime and so the moral stance here is the one I suggest. In addition, notwithstanding multiple abortions, crack whores also pump out more unwanted, uncared-for, abused children than anyone else only adding to more black on black crime years later. Yes, this applies to white crack whores as well. Although the benefit to black communities is much better if we keep black crack whores from having babies.

The subject of abortion or contraception is difficult enough without throwing in race, but we can't shy away from important issues for fear of being called racist. Certainly on my articles on blacks many of the commenters prefer to disagree with me, not by citing facts, statistics, or convincing opinion to support their position, but by throwing out epithets or simply writing, "Bernie, you're F***g wrong." Now the Effen argument, as I call this last one, is rarely persuasive enough for me to change my position.

So if you want to disagree with me and you are too lazy or ignorant to come up with a decent counter-argument, I have listed for your convenience a number of attacks you can level against me so that you don't have to misspell, write in ALL-CAPS, or think before writing. Simply pick a few from the list below that are appropriate to your intelligence level and write in the comment section, "Bernie, I disagree with you because of #7 and #9."

  1. Man, that was low, even for you.

  2. You are a f*ken idiot

  3. Read up on your subject before writing trash

  4. You are so wrong, sh*thead

  5. Admit it, you're a racist

  6. You don't know nuthin about what you are writing

  7. If I met you on the street I would kick the sh*t out of you

  8. WTF?

  9. This is nothing but bigoted nonsense

  10. get informed, you are prejudiced

  11. you shouldn't group everyone because of the actions of a few

  12. You Jew C*ksucker!

  13. This is the biggest bullshit ever

  14. If you had half a brain you wouldn't write this garbage

  15. You spout hatred - get a life

  16. Does that make you feel better? To write this crap

There are hundreds more irrelevant arguments that I could list but these should be enough for the average Liberal idiot.

Here is an Abortion=Black Genocide video:


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