The Word No one should Utter without shame - Muslim

A tip of the turban Hat Tip to TheOpinionator for pointing us to this story where the word Muslim is not mentioned even once as the perpetrator. Instead, we have the Eurospeak equivalent for the word Muslim: Asian.

The blog Islam In Europe has a list of euphemisms that the media use instead of Muslim to avoid offending our non-infidel friends.

To tell you the truth, I favor using a euphemism for Muslim. Muslim should be a dirty word, not to be spoken openly or written in newspapers. It should only be used in private conversations in the same manner that f* and c*cks*cker and other filthy disgusting words.

For example, here's how one should use the word M*sl*m: "See that guy, Muhmud? He's a M*sl*m." and it should be said the same way as if we were calling him a "c*cks*cker." Likewise, if you hear someone calling you a M*sl*m, you should feel shame and embarrassment that someone has such a low opinion of you. Immediately you should respond, "Hey, I'm no M*sl*m."

But some of you may ask, "what if I'm, you know, in real life that m-word? Well, sadly, my friend, you have only yourself to blame.

So let the newspapers hide the truth. After all, we tolerate newspapers using the word 'Liberal' instead of the correct term 'idiot.'

Anyway, the very mention of anything Islamic is like Chlorine to my ears, irritating, revolting, and disgusting. If I never hear the word Muslim again, I should think myself in a certain Paradise filled with 72 Houri and all the desires denied me on Earth. One can only dream.



Pendle Today, 26 Aug 2008, Shop boss spared jail after Nelson race-hate attack

A SHOP boss who racially abused a man and smashed his nose outside a Nelson pub has been spared immediate jail. Waqas Shah punched Dean Cotterill in the midnight assault, knocking him to the floor unconscious near the Clayton Arms, Nelson, last December, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Shah, who later went to the police station as he knew officers wanted to speak to him, had just got married and his bride would not be able to come over from Pakistan if he was locked up, it was claimed


Islam in Europe, 26 Aug 2008, Arab/Muslim euphemisms

General: Immigrant

UK: Asians

Netherlands/Belgium: Allochtoon (originating from another country). Officially this holds for every person who has at least one foreign born parent. Practically, the media uses it almost only for Muslims.

In Belgium: Nieuwe Belg (New Belgians).

Denmark: Nydansker - New Danes

Germany: Turks - there's no general distinction between Muslim, Arab and Turks. It's not really a euphemism, but not every Turk is a Muslim and vice versa. [a reader corrects this to: "Migrant/Migrantin" ]

France: Suburban youth

Israel: Village - in the Israeli press and popular opinion, any reference to a 'village' usually means 'Arab'. Therefore, a newspaper can write "three thieves were caught, from a village in the Galilee" and everybody will know that the three are Arabs, without them having to spell it out.

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