This Photo of preteen girls could be child porn

what passes for child porn in wyoming county pa
This is What passes for
child porn in Wyoming County Pa
Photo Credit: Scanner

This photo of pre-teen girls could be child pornography. But only if you live in whacky Wyoming County, Pennsylvania where there are pervert-minded idiots like District Attorney George Skumanick Jr. affectionately known by his friends as George Scumbag Jr (1).

Should we as a society allow girls and boys to share such images among themselves? Wouldn't young 11 year old girls be better off in reform school and labeled as sex-offenders for life than have them sexting messages to others.

Thank God Wyoming County, Pa has someone to protect public morals.

This is another example of Prosecutors Gone Wild. I often rage against primitive Muslim barbarity in my blog articles but savages like George "scumbag" Skumanick Jr. are no different than Muslims who ruin the lives of young children by forced early marriage. What kind of low-life piece of crap would put an 11 year old girl in prison or consign her to a lifelong sex registry because she sent photos of herself in a bikini? Has he no shame?

Three girls filed a lawsuit against Skumanick: Former DA George Skumanick Jr is Still a Scumbag



WSJ, A Lawyer, Some Teens and a Fight Over 'Sexting'

The group of anxious parents crowded around District Attorney George Skumanick Jr. as he sat behind a table in a courtroom here and presented them with an ultimatum.

Photos of their semi-nude or scantily clad teenage daughters were stacked before him. Mr. Skumanick said the images had been discovered on cellphones confiscated at the local high school. They could either enlist their kids in an education program or have the teens face felony charges of child pornography. "We could have just arrested them but we didn't," said Mr. Skumanick in an interview.

The practice of teens taking naked photos of themselves and sending them to friends via cellphones, called "sexting," has alarmed parents, school officials and prosecutors nationwide, who fear the photos could end up on the Internet or in the hands of sexual predators. In a handful of cases, authorities have resorted to what one parent here called "the nuclear weapon of sex charges" -- child pornography.

But some legal experts say that here in Wyoming County, Pa., Mr. Skumanick has expanded the definition of sexting to such an extent he could be setting a dangerous precedent. He has threatened to charge kids who appeared in photos, but who didn't send them, as well as at least one girl who was photographed wearing a bathing suit. One of the accused is 11 years old.

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