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I was visiting Jamie Jeffords blog Eye of Polyphemus [now defunct blog] when I came upon an interesting widget on his sidebar: His Referrals list. I had come across these kinds of widgets before and demurred at their inclusion in my blog because they did not properly group the referrers, that is, links from different pages of the same website were not put onto one line grouping.

But this time I noticed that the listing appeared very neat and that the big search engine referrers such as Google and Yahoo were done correctly and so I stole the widget. Actually I went to E-referrer [see note below], signed up an account and got the HTML code to insert into my templates.

My readers will now see where most of my traffic comes from. Bloggers who send me visitors can get some link-love back now that there is a mechanism to tally their readers who visit me.

It's done in real time and it's free. Unfortunately there is no way to go back to the beginning, so those fine bloggers who have linked to me in the past will not see their past referrals counted.

But I do make this promise: I will never remove this widget unless a better one comes along that also allows me to include past referrer counts. I really wish I had found this sooner.

Disclaimer: I have not been reimbursed for this article by anyone.

UPDATE Jan 2014

Looks like e-referrer is finally dead. See my article What Happened to E-Referrer?

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