Mike Lupica is an idiot

For the past few decades most European countries have expanded their public sectors into over-protective welfare states while America is practically the only developed country without universal health care (UHC).

And thankfully so, as a result of not having UHC, the US has a higher gross domestic product than the economies of the next four (Japan, Germany, China, UK) combined.

Actually, one can match the gross domestic product of practically every major country with some American state. Check out the image below from Strange Maps

GDP Map of USA

According to Strange Maps: The creator of this map has had the interesting idea to break down that gigantic US GDP into the GDPs of individual states, and compare those to other countries’ GDP.

If you click to expand the map you will notice that the GDP of New Jersey is equal to or greater than the entire GDP of Russia. Most Americans do not realize how egregiously enormous our economy actually is compared to other countries. Sadly, most do not also realize what made this possible. It was not unions or the welfare state or caring for the poor, although our poor benefited because of it. Our poor live better than the citizens of most countries that have universal health care.

In 2004, the average American annually spent about $9,700 more on consumption than the average European. We have by far more cars, TVs, computers and other modern goods. A Swedish study done by a pair of economists - Fredrik Bergstrom and Robert Gidehag - for the Swedish think tank Timbro concluded: "Most Americans have a standard of living which the majority of Europeans will never come anywhere near..."

Republicans fear socialized medicine because it will destroy our great standard of living. Democrats want socialized medicine so they can destroy our great standard of living and thereby increase the numbers of those dependent on their help.

Idiots like Mike Lupica would like everyone to believe that the majority of Americans are really opposed to Obama himself rather than the actual details of the health care bill [The Daily News]. This moron thinks we hate Obama so much that we would rather vote down a fantastic, flawless, perfect health care policy than let Obama have the satisfaction of getting it passed. If the health care bill was not the worst thing to ever come before Congress we might have entertained this notion.

Just because for eight years the left opposed everything that Bush did or wanted to do simply because he was George Bush does not mean the rest of us are similar idiots.

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