How to Pass the London Police Firearm Exam

Officers of the Ministry of Defence Police in the UK on foot patrol in the Whitehall area.
Officers of the Ministry of Defence Police in the
UK on foot patrol in the Whitehall area.
Photo Credit: Digital Journal

After the Muslim terrorist attacks of 9/11, police agencies throughout the civilized world began to consider possible suicide attacks in their own countries and cities.

From the UK, the Metropolitan Police sent a team to countries that had experience with suicide attacks. Based on advice from the security forces of Israel and Sri Lanka (two countries with much experience with suicide bombers) London's Metropolitan Police Service put into place guidelines for dealing with possible Muslim extremists known as Operation Kratos [Wiki], also known as "the shoot to kill policy."

The Kratos guidelines state that the head or lower limbs of a suspected suicide bomber should be the intended target in contrast to the usual practice of aiming at the torso, which presents the biggest target, as a successful hit to the torso may detonate an explosive belt. In addition, it was stressed that it is essential to fire shots to the head without warning since suicide bombers were likely to detonate their devices if they suspected that they had been identified.

There is much debate in the UK on whether or not the police should be armed; but despite the Government's belief that officers should not be routinely armed, specialist armed officers patrol in Manchester, Nottingham and London almost every day but most police are still unarmed in those cities.

As more and more Muslims make their home in the UK we can expect the criminals to become more violent and more armed. I write this not because of some misguided stereotype about Muslims, but rather because Muslims make up the largest percentage of the prison population in almost all European countries far in excess of their actual representation in the general population. In the highest security prisons in the UK for example, Muslims make up 33% of the prison population, despite being only 3% of the general population.

As I wrote in my article How Many Muslims are there in Prisons?, the staff of the highest security prison in the UK cannot handle Muslims who are the most dangerous of all criminals in the UK. The problems is that Britain does not have a Gitmo where dangerous Muslims can be kept. Are you listening Obama?

Apropos, I offer the following joke I found at DJMICK Laughs on How to Pass the London Police Firearm Exam:

A man wanting to join the London Met's Firearms Section was being interviewed.

The Chief Constable doing the interview said, "Your qualifications look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take before you can be accepted."

Then, sliding a loaded service pistol across the desk, he said: "Take this pistol and go out and shoot twenty illegal immigrants, six drug dealers, sixty Muslim extremists, and a rabbit."

"A rabbit, why a rabbit?"

"Great attitude", said the Chief Constable. "When can you start?"

Disclaimer: This is a joke - do not go out and shoot illegal immigrants, drug dealers, or Muslim extremists - that is the job of our government's law enforcement personnel. Of course, since our government does not acknowledge the existence of Muslim extremists, then I have no doubt that one day it may become necessary to do it ourselves.

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