Magnum Ice Cream and Condoms for the Well-Hung Man

Magnum Ice Cream ad starring Rachel Bilson

I never watch (in real time) TV programs that show advertising - I prefer to record them and view them later so that I can fast-forward past the commercials. But while passing my younger daughter-in-law's living room I caught a glimpse of what I momentarily thought was a porn scene.

Actually it was an ad for Magnum Ice Cream (made by Unilever) which touts itself as "The International Ice Cream For Pleasure Seekers," starring Rachel Bilson, a 29-year-old actress best known for her role as Summer in the teen drama series The O.C. which ran between 2003 and 2007.

Take a look at the snippet above captured from the 20 second mark of the commercial and tell me if anyone you know devours an ice cream bar like Ms Bilson does.

YouTube, Magnum Ice Cream Commercial feat. Rachel Bilson

For my Muslim readers who do not know, Trojan makes a brand of condoms called MAGNUM® that are larger than standard latex condoms. Based on the way Rachel sucks on the Magnum bar, I suspect Unilever is counting on many consumers, especially those who are "pleasure seekers," to make the big penis connection.

A little background from the Unilever website:

Magnum was launched in the UK in 1987 and in Ireland in 1990, making it the first widely available hand held indulgence ice cream in both countries. Since then, Magnum lovers have been treated to an array of delicious flavours such as Double Chocolate (1996), Double Caramel (2000), Yoghurt Fresh and Magnum Intense (2002).

Then there are the unforgettable limited editions titled '7 Sins' (2003) and '5 Senses' (2005) that escalated the indulgence credentials of Magnum to giddy heights!

In 2006, Magnum relaunched Almond and Mint and refocused on the core range (after all, classics never really go out of fashion).

Most recently, Magnum Gold?! was launched (2010).Our first "Golden ice cream" - cracking golden-dipped milk chocolate covering smooth Madagascan Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of delicious caramel.

I should mention that in Australia and New Zealand, the product is sold under the brand name Streets Ice Cream. In 2003 Streets brought out a limited edition series of ice creams known as The Sixties Nine. I guess there is no need for subtlety down under.

Related: For an even more blatant and obscene ice cream ad, nothing compares with the following Israeli commercial.

YouTube, Ice Cream Blow

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