what are Jews Good For in Psychology and Philosophy?

Ayn Rand and the World She Made

My second article in the series What Good are Jews concerns itself with Jewish contributions to the fields of Psychology and Philosophy. I am not writing the complete encyclopedia of Jewish endeavors in these subjects so what follows is a rather brief compendium.

Psychology and Philosophy

  • 83% of the major figures in the establishment of Gestalt Psychology were Jews: Max Wertheimer (principal founder), Kurt Koffka, Kurt Lewin, Kurt Goldstein, and Edgar Rubin. JINFO.ORG
  • Most of the early proponents of Psychoanalysis, founded by Sigmund Freud, a Jew, were also Jews: Alfred Adler, Erik Erikson, Sandor Ferenczi, Anna Freud, Erich Fromm, Melanie Klein, Otto Rank, and Theodor Reik. JINFO.ORG
  • One of the two co-founders of Humanistic Psychology was a Jew: Abraham Maslow. JINFO.ORG
  • The major contributors to the development of Cognitive Psychology were Jews: Ulric Neisser, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Herbert Simon, and Noam Chomsky. JINFO.ORG
  • 39 of the 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20th century: Jews (1).
  • 40% of the most frequently cited researchers in both the professional literature and in introductory psychology textbooks: Jews (2).
  • 40% of the current membership of the division of psychology of the US National Academy of Sciences: Jews. JINFO.ORG
  • Founder of Objectivism: Jew - Ayn Rand.
  • Founder of Phenomenology: Jew - Edmund Husserl.
  • Major contributors to philosophic thought in western civilization: short list: Moses Maimonides, Baruch de Spinoza, Karl Marx, Edmund Husserl, Henri Bergson, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Sir Karl Popper - all Jews. One-sixth of the greatest figures in Western philosophical thought: Jews [BBC Great Philosophers Series]



American Psychological Association, Eminent psychologists of the 20th century

July 2002, Vol 33, No. 7

1. B.F. Skinner

2. Jean Piaget

3. Sigmund Freud

4. Albert Bandura

5. Leon Festinger

6. Carl R. Rogers

7. Stanley Schachter

8. Neal E. Miller

9. Edward Thorndike

10. A.H. Maslow

11. Gordon W. Allport

12. Erik H. Erikson

13. Hans J. Eysenck

14. William James

15. David C. McClelland

16. Raymond B. Cattell

17. John B. Watson

18. Kurt Lewin

19. Donald O. Hebb

20. George A. Miller

21. Clark L. Hull

22. Jerome Kagan

23. Carl G. Jung

24. Ivan P. Pavlov

25. Walter Mischel

26. Harry F. Harlow

27. J.P. Guilford

28. Jerome S. Bruner

29. Ernest R. Hilgard

30. Lawrence Kohlberg

31. Martin E.P. Seligman

32. Ulric Neisser

33. Donald T. Campbell

34. Roger Brown

35. R.B. Zajonc

36. Endel Tulving

37. Herbert A. Simon

38. Noam Chomsky

39. Edward E. Jones

40. Charles E. Osgood

41. Solomon E. Asch

42. Gordon H. Bower

43. Harold H. Kelley

44. Roger W. Sperry

45. Edward C. Tolman

46. Stanley Milgram

47. Arthur R. Jensen

48. Lee J. Cronbach

49. John Bowlby

50. Wolfgang Köhler

51. David Wechsler

52. S.S. Stevens

53. Joseph Wolpe

54. D.E. Broadbent

55. Roger N. Shepard

56. Michael I. Posner

57. Theodore M. Newcomb

58. Elizabeth F. Loftus

59. Paul Ekman

60. Robert J. Sternberg

61. Karl S. Lashley

62. Kenneth Spence

63. Morton Deutsch

64. Julian B. Rotter

65. Konrad Lorenz

66. Benton Underwood

67. Alfred Adler

68. Michael Rutter

69. Alexander R. Luria

70. Eleanor E. Maccoby

71. Robert Plomin

72.5.* G. Stanley Hall

72.5. Lewis M. Terman

74.5.* Eleanor J. Gibson

74.5. Paul E. Meehl

76. Leonard Berkowitz

77. William K. Estes

78. Eliot Aronson

79. Irving L. Janis

80. Richard S. Lazarus

81. W. Gary Cannon

82. Allen L. Edwards

83. Lev Semenovich Vygotsky

84. Robert Rosenthal

85. Milton Rokeach

88.5.* John Garcia

88.5. James J. Gibson

88.5. David Rumelhart

88.5. L.L. Thurston

88.5. Margaret Washburn

88.5. Robert Woodworth

93.5.* Edwin G. Boring

93.5. John Dewey

93.5. Amos Tversky

93.5. Wilhelm Wundt

96. Herman A. Witkin

97. Mary D. Ainsworth

98. Orval Hobart Mowrer

99. Anna Freud

*Numbers with .5 indicate a tie in the ranking. In these cases, the mean is listed.

Source: The Review of General Psychology (Vol. 6, No. 2).


Western Kentucky University, The 100 psychologists most frequently cited in the professional journal literature.

1Freud S.13,890
2Piaget J8,821
3Eysenck HJ6,212
4Winer BJ6,206
5Bandura A.5,831
6Siegel S4,861
7Cattell RB4,828
8Skinner BF4,339
9Osgood CE4,061
10Guilford JP4,006
11Campbell DT3,969
12Festinger L3,536
13Miller GA3,394
14Bruner JS3,279
15Cronbach LJ3,253
16Erikson EH3,060
17Edwards AL3,007
18Rotter JB3,001
19Byrne D2,904
20Kagan J2,901
21Wolpe J2,879
22Rosenthal R2,739
23Underwood BJ2,686
24Paivio A2,678
25Rokeach M2,676
26Berlyne DE2,673
27Stevens SS2,580
28.5Rogers CR2,515
28.5Jensen AR2,515
30Brown R2,469
31Witkin HA2,461
32.5Simon HA2,446
32.5Tulving E2,446
34McClelland DC2,388
35Cohen J2,376
36Anderson NH2,360
37Maslow AH2,321
38Deutsch M2,244
39Kohlberg L.2,224
40Thorndike EL2,222
41Broadbent DE2,207
42Berkowitz L2,193
43Miller NE2,170
44Rutter M 2,117
45Freud A2,074
46Schacter S2,045
47Lewin K2,015
48Mischel W2,011
49Wechsler D2,000
50Jung CG1,994
51Allport GW1,987
52Postman L1,908
53Gough HG1,859
54Carkhuff RR1,854
55Bowlby J1,852
56Shepard RN1,839
57Jones EE1,827
58Hebb DO1,823
59Neisser U1,787
60Rapoport A1,740
61Posner MI1,714
62Goffman E514
63Schacter DL457
64Estes WK399
65Atkinson JW388
66Spence KW378
67Hilgard ER324
68Maccoby E319
69Campbell A292
70Lindquist EE291
71Costa PT271
72Kelly HH269
73Hull CL267
74Asch SE264
75Hovland CL255
76Newcomb MD254
77Mowrer OH252
78Rosenberg MJ237
79Lorge L236
80.5Kenny DA230
80.5McCrae RR230
82Kazdin AE222
83.5Higgins ET221
83.5Lichtenstein E221
86Fromm E220
86Plomin R220
86Taylor SE220
88.5Hays WL214
88.5Rushton JP214
90Fishbein M213
91Beck AT208
92Blanchard EB 206
93Seligman MEF205
94Flavell JH 204
95.5Markus H199
95.5Wilson GT199
97Matthews KA197
98Bentler PM193
99Marsh HW192
100Harlow HF190

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