The Government Suspension of Websites is a Foretaste of Government Suspension of Health Services

Feds Shut Down 150 Websites in Counterfeit Probe
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For almost two days last week the domain hosted by GoDaddy was suspended by order of some idiots in our government. Jotform is a third-party web service that allows non-savvy website owners to easily build WYSIWYG web forms which can then be embedded on their websites.

There is a rumor that some scammers put up a bank phishing site and used Jotform's website to generate forms used to capture bank information. Sadly, all it takes to shut a website down these days is a lone bureacrat who doesn't care the harm he causes millions of users.

The suspension was lifted but without explanation:, is Back Online

We’re happy to share a good news with you. The domain suspension at has been lifted. If you have changed your forms to one of the alternative domains, you can keep them as they are. We will keep the new domains permanently.

I wish we could provide more details about what happened, but we are also in the dark. We have not been given any information by Godaddy or the Secret Service, other than our domain being suspended “as part of an ongoing law enforcement investigation”. You can read more details about it on Arstechnica, Wired, CNET, Techdirt, Forbes, and TheNextWeb.

In the next few days, we will work hard to restore your confidence in us. A suspension at the domain level is a very harsh punishment for a web service provider. However, we are not in a position to make excuses. You have trusted us and added JotForm forms into your web pages. It's our top priority to make sure that our service is reliable, and robust.

700,000 users, many of them business owners who rely on forms generated by JotForm for their livelihood could have had their own businesses shut down by the senseless domain suspension.

The worst part of course is that there was no warning, no due process, there was no one to talk to, and no one to reason with. The government should not have this power and certainly not a faceless bureaucrat answerable to no one.

This is but a foretaste of what will happen with government health care; a faceless, non-responsible, careless health care bureaucrat will decide whether to allow you to stay an extra day at the hospital or even shut down an entire hospital for accidentally not following some arbitrary rule.

This is why Liberals do not want you to own a gun: because they know that the policies they put in place are so destructive of your liberty and freedom, so careless of your life and security, that the natural recourse, the only recourse you will have when they act so arbitrarily is to take a pistol and shoot the bureaucrat responsible as one would a rabid dog.

While I am opposed to the death penalty, I do not see anything wrong with shooting government bureaucrats when they deserve it. I oppose the death penalty because I do not want our government to have the power to murder anyone.

If I were on the jury in a case involving someone who killed a government official who carelessly shut down a website that millions depend upon, I would hold out for acquittal. I would view the bureaucrat's death as a necessary evil.

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