Yes That`s Clooney and Obama on the Cover of Time Magazine

There are two kinds of socialists:

  1. The poor, unsuccessful, unhappy types who blame the rich for their miserable lives,
  2. and
  3. The rich successful, unhappy types who blame the right-wing rich for the miserable lives of the first type.

The latter are called Limousine Socialists.

Obama showed us how much he and his supporters are Limousine Socialists last week when the President made headlines at George Clooney's house for a fundraiser (1) that sucked in a staggering $15 million for his reelection efforts. The star-studded backyard party brought in a campaign haul believed to be the largest ever in one night.

The relationship between Hollywood's left and Obama is perfectly illustrated by this parody of last week's Time Magazine cover:

clooney obama teat sucking
Photo Credit: iOwnTheWorld

A tip of the turban Hat Tip to Dan Mitchell at International Liberty and reader Dick Stanley.



NewsFeed |, Barack Obama, George Clooney and the $15 Million Fundraiser

Rightfully so, it’s been deemed “Starmageddon.”

On the heels of the President’s historic backing of gay marriage, Thursday night was very good to his reelection coffers: a George Clooney-hosted fundraiser managed to rake in a cool $15 million for Barack Obama’s campaign fund — reportedly a record for a single presidential election event. But that was just the business side of things.

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