Romney Must Promise 2 Chickens in Every Pot

Thousands of years ago, the idiots and slow-witted were eliminated by Darwin's fifth Law - those who misjudged how far away the lion really was were eaten. However, under Obama's regime, idiots and the slow-witted can not only survive but flourish. They do not need to know how to work, how to obtain food, how to get gas into their car, or how to pay their mortgage because they can get Obama money to pay for all that.

Here we see people line up in Detroit after hearing rumors that "free money from Obama" was being given out:

YouTube, Free Obama Money

Some of my readers may complain that this is just a singular, unique event; however a simple search on YouTube with the keywords "Obama bucks" or "Obama money" reveals the same idiots lining up for free Obama bucks in New York City, the Bronx, Bedford, Ohio, and many other cities in our country.

The only way for Mitt Romney to win is to promise to give every idiot out there at least Two Chickens in Every Pot. If he can out-lie Obama, he can cinch this election. If he appeals only to the intelligent voter, that is to say, to right wingers, he will lose.

free obama money
Photo Credit: Daily Agenda
Some of my readers may recall my article (Idiocracy - A world filled with Liberals and Muslims) where I discuss a film which describes our society 500 years from now, a society filled with idiots and the slow of wit.

But now that I see so many Americans believing in Obama-money, who believe that the government can feed them, house them, supply them with free gasoline and free health care that I am now convinced that we will not have to wait 500 years to see our country dominated by idiots. We are already there.

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