Do Not Text While Parenting

I recently came across an article at The Globe and Mail (1) which warns its readers that parents and caregivers who text may be increasing the risk of injury to their small children. They give one example of a near-drowning in which a woman who was asked to watch a friend’s child at a pool was using her cellphone while the child was sinking to the bottom of the pool.

During the past few decades, until Smartphones came along, there was a decline every year in injury rates for young children. That is no longer the case: those rates have now begun to rise and the increased use of hand-held electronic devices might be the reason.

Preparing any dinner is stressful and distracting enough without adding texting to the mix. Whatever you do, do not text while preparing the Christmas Goose.

christmas baby dinner
Photo Credit: The Hot Button Blog



The Hot Button Blog, 1 Oct 2012, Why you may want to stop texting while you're parenting

... doctors see the growing use of hand-held electronic devices as a plausible explanation for the surprising reversal of a long slide in injury rates for young children.

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