French Sperm Shows Steady Decline And I Am Not Surprised

French sperm shows steady decline: study
Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail

I have often made fun of the lack of backbone among the French because of their knee-bending accommodation to Muslim demands, but now I get a chance to poke fun at their lack of sperm:

A recent study in the scientific journal Human Reproduction reported a steady decline in semen concentration and quality among French men (1). So it seems that French sperm are just as weak as the French themselves.

Despite this decline in sperm production, France has one of the highest fertility rates in Europe: 2.01. This means the average French woman will pump out 2.01 children if she lives to the end of her child-bearing years. This is just a bit short of the replacement level (2.1 for industrialized countries) needed to keep the population at a steady number.

So what's going on? French sperm counts are on decline and yet France is the 'baby champion' of Europe? A careless reader may assume zat zee leetle sperms française are really not that weak after all; however, nationwide fertility rates are not the whole story. Native French couples actually have a much lower fertility rate:

Acton Institute, 25 Jan 2006, A Catholic Alternative to Europe’s Social Model

... in France, approximately one birth in three is to a Muslim family. Stripped of the Muslim influence, the fertility rate of the native-born or traditionally European French would be 1.2, similar to the rates in Italy and Spain.

Although the article is a few years old, the current fertility rates for native French women are unlikely to be higher than 1.2 because there are now more Muslims living in France than in 2006 and Muslims traditionally have more children than Europeans, specifically:

Le Figaro, 17 Jan 2007, The limitations of the method Royal by Ivan Rioufol

The figure of 2 [births per woman] is achieved thanks to [the high fertility rates] of women from Northwest Africa (3.25 children), Africa (4.07), Turkey (3.35), Asia [e.g. Pakistan] (2.83). According to Dumont, 50% of the increase was due to immigration.

I believe that being a captive slave lowers one's fertility, zoo animals come to mind. The French are now the slaves of their Muslim immigrants and so-called citizens; witness the fact that there are hundreds of Muslim regions or No-Go Zones in France that are off-limits to native French, even police and fire officers.

Until the French grow a big pair of testicles, their sperm will remain weak and in small numbers.



Human Reproduction, Decline in semen concentration and morphology in a sample of 26 609 men close to general population between 1989 and 2005 in France

Among a sample of 26 609 partners of totally infertile women undergoing an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures in the whole of France over a 17-year period, there was a continuous decrease in semen concentration of about 1.9% per year and a significant decrease in the percentage with morphologically normal forms but no global trend for motility.

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