I Never Get My Eggs Over Medium Done Right in Restaurants

Well, it happened again yesterday as it always does - I ordered "eggs over medium" at a diner in Eatontown, New Jersey and I got back "eggs over easy." I don't like my yolk too runny therefore when I cook a fried egg I keep it in the pan until I can see the yolk start to gel but still runny in the middle. It's easy to do - simply shake the pan back and forth until the yolk rim stops moving.

I suppose short-order cooks at a restaurant cannot shake a grill back and forth and thus have a difficult time knowing exactly when an "over easy" turns into an "over medium." Or it could be laziness on the part of the waitress who completely ignores what I ask for and simply puts in an order for "eggs over easy."

Sometimes I get the urge to ask the waitress if I can watch the eggs being fried so I can tell the cook, "Wait, wait, wait ... Now! take the eggs off the grill now."

I never tried ordering the eggs over hard in the hope they might come out medium. I fear that I might actually get them back with the yolk hard and I can't stand chalky yolks. I can tolerate "easy" but I prefer "medium."

This will just be another of life's continual disappointments, just as waking up every morning, turning on the news and finding out that the disease known as liberalism still infects the brains of tens of millions of Americans. Just once I like to hear a news announcer declare that Liberal Democrats have been wiped off the face of the Earth. Imagine a world without good intentions where people are free to live without government help or interference, where liberty is prized above entitlement. In such a world I would gladly eat eggs poached, over easy, over solid, fried brown, or sunny-side up. I would even give up eggs altogether to live in a world without leftist idiots.

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