Sky News Weather Girl Nazaneen Ghaffar

A reader from Abu Dhabi complains that my bias against Muslim Arab women shows in my articles on beautiful TV weather girls of the world. Am I ashamed to admit that there could in fact be attractive Arab or Muslim women presenting the weather?

I am always game for a good challenge and so allow me to introduce Weather Girl Nazaneen Ghaffar:

YouTube, Nazaneen Ghaffar - Sexy Zip Dress

Some bloggers, for example, London Muslim, make the incorrect assumption that Nazaneen Ghaffar, a Sky News Weather Girl, is a Muslim.

However, a short investigation of her Twitter page reveals that Nazaneen is not Muslim at all.

Of course, if Nazaneen were in fact Muslim here is what she would look like on TV, if her kin allowed her to be on TV at all:

Muslim Weather Girl

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