How To Lie Down on the Job and Still Make Money

the snuggery
Jackie Samuel cuddles her client at The Snuggery in Rochester, New York
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A female acquaintance asked me recently if I knew of any way she could make money without working too hard. I mentioned that I read recently of a woman who charged a buck a minute to cuddle with people (1). No sex, just cuddling - that is to say, she makes money lying down on the job.

Of course, it is natural for any man to become aroused when his groin is brushed up against a woman's butt, but this is no problem for the Snuggery; here is a small section of their FAQ page:

The SNUGGERY, Policies & FAQ

Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session?
A. Don't worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.


Q. Do clothes/pajamas always stay on for the duration of our session?
A. Absolutely! Nudity is not permitted.

Cuddling can be better therapy than psychological counseling. An older man who has lost his wife of many years does not need mental help - he needs physical contact. He needs to touch another person, to feel alive again. A younger man who is in a bad relationship may need to learn how to be more quietly intimate without the sex. A proper cuddling teaches one that a good relationship is more than just grinding and poking your partner.

I believe we need more cuddlers in the world.



UK Daily Mail Online, No holds barred: The professional 'cuddler' who makes $260 a day by inviting strangers to take a nap with her at home

Spooning peacefully in a double bed, this pair could be any normal couple on a Sunday morning.

But revisit the scene an hour later and Jackie Samuel will be curled up in the arms of another man.

The 29-year-old is a professional cuddler. She turned to snuggling with strangers to help pay for her studies and provide for her young son.


'I think clients come to me for all different kinds of reasons. Some of my older clients, their wives have passed away, and they just need someone to be with, like someone to experience touch with.


Despite her strict rules on sexual activity, Jackie has received a barrage of emails and phone calls slamming her as a prostitute.

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